Debt Settlement Success Seminar – NEW 2008 Version Now Shipping!

In June 30, 2008

For the past two months, I’ve been working nights and weekends to write and record the 2008 version of my debt training course. It’s hard to believe, but it’s been 4 years since I published the original version of the course in 2004. I had been bridging the gap with a written update, but even the update was in need of an update!

The reason is because the business of debt settlement is continually evolving, and it’s necessary to change tactics from time to time. Also, when I first launched this program back in 2004, I had just made the shift from 3rd-party debt settlement to teaching the do-it-yourself approach. Over the past 4 years, I’ve coached HUNDREDS of clients to successfully negotiate and settle their own debts, and quite frankly, I’ve learned a lot during that time about how to teach this process to people.

So the brand new 2008 version of the course reflects all that hard-earned knowledge and insight. The course has been expanded from 5 hours of audio material on 5 CDs to just under 8 hours of content on 7 audio CDs. The Workbook has also been expanded, and I’ve included some additional new material on the CD-ROM. The bottom line is that the original course has been getting rave reviews for 4 years, but the new course is even better yet!

If you’ve been thinking about ordering this program, but held off because you weren’t sure the material was up-to-date, now’s the time! I plan to increase my offering price in July, probably by July 15th (maybe sooner), but the old pricing is still in effect until I announce the changes via the main website pages. So order now before the price goes up!

Here’s a list of the revised Table of Contents for the audio material:

CD1—New Perspectives on Debt
Track 1—Introduction
Track 2—The Great American Debt Explosion
Track 3—The Hidden Cost of Debt
Track 4—The 10-20-70 Plan

CD2—Choosing the Right Debt Program
Track 5—Know Your Options (Part I)
Track 6—Know Your Options (Part II)
Track 7—The Debt Settlement Strategy
Track 8—How to Choose the Right Debt Solution

CD3—Debt Settlement Basics
Track 9—Understanding the Collection Process
Track 10—Why DIY Debt Settlement Makes Sense Today
Track 11—Why You’ve Been Brainwashed About Credit
Track 12—Let’s Get Real about Debt Settlement

CD4—Before You Get Started
Track 13—Different Types of Creditors
Track 14—Important Strategic Considerations
Track 15—Four Things You Must Do
Track 16—Common Tactical Questions

CD5—How to Settle Your Debts (with Original Creditors)
Track 17—What to Do for the First 90 Days
Track 18—Original Creditor Phone Calls
Track 19—Your First Settlements
Track 20—Documentation & Transactions

CD6—How to Settle Your Debts (with Third Parties)
Track 21—Handling Collection Agency Calls
Track 22—Understanding Third-Party Tactics
Track 23—Dealing with Collection Attorneys
Track 24—Settling with Debt Purchasers

CD7—Completing the Process
Track 25—Negotiation Tips & Tactics
Track 26—What to Do After the Settlement
Track 27—Debt Settlement & Income Taxes
Track 28—Recovering Good Credit



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