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Budget Review: Income/Expense Analysis; Debt Reduction Planning; Mortgage Review; Financial Coaching, and more!

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    A lack of proper budgeting and financial management often leads to mounting unsecured debt on credit cards or loans. There are no shortage of financial planners, but the truth is most of them are looking for high net worth clients with large sums of money to be managed. What the average household needs is a more practical approach to financial planning, when that applies when there’s no large savings to be managed. It’s the people most in need of such direction that receive the least attention from so-called financial planners.

    For the one-time low fee of $197, Charles Phelan will personally review and analyze your budget. You will receive an analysis and financial review with step-by-step explanations and advice.

    Benefits of Our Budget Analysis & Financial Review

    • Detailed line-by-line review and analysis of your current budget
    • Discussion on areas for potential expense reduction
    • Analysis and review of assets and liabilities
    • Analysis of current debt reduction efforts, recommended steps to improve
    • Review of mortgage terms, potential for modification or refinancing
    • General financial counseling and advice on just about any topic
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