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American Express Settlement Advice


One-on-one telephone consultation with debt settlement expert, Charles J. Phelan, specific to negotiating settlements on American Express accounts.

  • Description

    One-on-one telephone consultation with debt settlement expert, Charles J. Phelan.

    • General background education on debt collection and negotiating settlements.
    • Review American Express policies and procedures for credit card debt settlement.
    • Develop a game plan specific for your situation.
    • Find out the facts before you sign up for any so-called “debt relief programs.”

    CAUTION! Negotiating settlements with American Express is more difficult and tricky compared with most other major creditors. The risk of litigation is high, and legal action often takes place very quickly. No traditional debt settlement company or individual negotiator has any special magic for dealing with this difficult creditor. You’re better off handling the matter yourself by knowing in advance exactly what can or cannot be accomplished given your situation. The purpose of this consultation is to educate you, so you learn everything you need to know before you decide on strategy. The cost for this consultation is only $50, and this unique and vital information will potentially save you from being sued and having a judgment entered against you.

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ZipDebt = Fast Relief

Debt settlement is just as much about managing risk as negotiating savings. The 36-48 month programs offered by most debt companies have high risk for collection lawsuits. It's far more effective to "fast track" debt settlement in 12-18 months.

ZipDebt = Affordable Help

Instead of paying fees as high as 20-30% of your TOTAL DEBT, it’s far more affordable to work with a professional consultant who only charges 15% of the SAVINGS achieved via the negotiations. This approach saves you money and creates a win-win scenario.

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