ZipDebt Program Still “State-of-the-Art” – Live Coaching Makes the Difference!

In September 25, 2009

Since the whole financial world melted down about a year ago, I’ve been so busy here at ZipDebt coaching clients that I’m overdue to post various updates to the main portion of the website. As a consequence, I’ve been getting more and more questions like: “I see that your debt settlement audio seminar was released in 2008. Is the information still up to date? Should I wait for a new version?”

The first version of my Debt Settlement Success Seminar was published in 2004, and the 2008 version was four years in the making. I have no plans to release a new version of the audio training course anytime soon.

Virtually 100% of the information contained in the 2008 version of the seminar is still valid. Yes, a lot has happened in the financial world in the past 18 months! However, nothing has really changed with respect to the *mechanics* of debt settlement.

Also, and this is a VERY important point – all three of my program levels (Basic, Enhanced, and Premium) include a Personal Telephone Strategy Session. The purpose of that phone conversation is to lay out the roadmap for you – specific to YOUR list of creditors, balances, and other pertinent factors. There are a lot of differences between the major credit card banks, and settlement practices, tactics, and policies do change on a frequent basis. In the training course, I don’t get into specific creditors by name, because things change too fast in that regard. What has NOT changed are the basic principles of this system – that’s why all the content of the CDs is still valid and extremely useful.

What does change from time to time is the percentage a bank might settle for, or the tactics they might employ during the collection process. Sometimes the lowest I’ve seen in several months with a particular bank is 40%, and then all of a sudden a bunch of settlements start coming through at 35%, and so on. This is where live coaching is essential to the process.

The bottom line is that the audio course will teach you the system – after that, we fine-tune your “debt settlement roadmap” (via the Strategy Session) based on CURRENT creditor trends, who you’re up against on your specific list of accounts, what your settlement resources are, and so on.

So please don’t wait around for the 2009 or 2010 version of the seminar kit – the 2008 version + live coaching support remains THE state-of-the-art DIY debt settlement system available today.



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