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In August 31, 2008

In my June 30 blog post, I announced the publication of the new 2008 version of my training course, The Debt Settlement Success Seminar. As noted, the course content is revised, expanded, and improved. The new course contains nearly 8 hours of audio training material versus the original 5 hours, and the new content reflects the experience I’ve gained working one-on-one with around 1,000 consumers since I published the first version of the course in 2004.

My goal has always been to keep this program AFFORDABLE for consumers who are struggling financially. But it takes a lot of work and a heavy time commitment to personally coach people via email and telephone support, and it has become necessary to adjust my pricing. However, in order to keep my program affordable, rather than raise prices I’ve decided to keep the pricing structure the same and simply adjust the service period instead.

Here are the current packages:

1. PREMIUM PROGRAM ($777) includes the audio seminar, telephone strategy consultation, unlimited email and telephone coaching for 12 months, and document review service for 12 months. Clients who wish to extend their Premium service after the first 12-month period may do so at a cost of only $350 per 6-month extension. (NOTE: I recommend this package level for clients with $50,000 or more of debt. Why pay a debt settlement company $7,500 or more when you can pay less than 10% of that amount and get the job done properly?)

2. ENHANCED PROGRAM ($397) includes the audio seminar, telephone strategy consultation, unlimited email coaching for 6 months, and document review service for 6 months. Clients who wish to extend their Enhanced service after the first 6-month period may do so at a cost of only $300 per 6-month extension.

3. BASIC PROGRAM ($197) includes the audio seminar and the telephone strategy consultation, but does not include follow-up coaching or document review.


I believe that a deal’s a deal! So if you downloaded my free 32-page consumer report during the period from June 1st, 2008 through today, or if you submitted a request for the free 20-minute consultation, I will honor the previous pricing/service structure on orders placed through September 30, 2008. Simply place your order through the shopping cart, and then let me know what email address you used to subscribe to the report or request the consultation. I’ll reply with confirmation regarding your service period based on the program level you choose.

Remember, regardless of which program level you select, my program will PAY FOR ITSELF many times over by improving your negotiation results. Just read a few of my recent client testimonials, and I’m sure you’ll agree that my modest fees are simply a no-brainer compared to any other solution. And as always, I stand behind my ironclad 365-day money-back guarantee.



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