NEW – Announcing the ZipDebt Member Area!

In June 29, 2010

One of the program improvements I’ve had in mind for quite some time is a secure area of the ZipDebt website where active clients can log in to check on recent settlement trends per creditor. I could not put this type of detailed information in the audio training course itself, since settlement policies change too frequently – the information would be out-of-date shortly after publication. So I’ve provided tactical advice to clients via the live email and telephone coaching process included with the Enhanced Program and the Premium Program. It’s been very time consuming to relay the same information over and over, so to streamline the coaching process I’ve created the ZipDebt Member Area.

The ZipDebt Member Area is a secure login section of the website. The content of that part of the site will *not* appear on Internet searches, since the area is password protected and cannot be indexed by the search engines. Clients who have registered for access to the Member Area will be able to login 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in order to get updated information on recent trends per creditor. The Member Area is not intended to replace the live email/telephone coaching included with the Enhanced or Premium Program, but rather to provide supplemental information. So if you’re laying awake at 2 o’clock in the morning wondering what your biggest creditor has been settling for lately, you can log in to the ZipDebt Member Area and see what I’ve written recently about the creditor in question. 🙂

The ZipDebt Member Area is only available to clients who have ordered either the Enhanced Program or the Premium Program. Since there is no coaching subscription associated with the Basic Program, clients who order only the Basic Program will *not* be entitled to access. However, upon upgrade to the Enhanced or Premium Program, access will then be granted. In addition, clients who order the Enhanced Program under the 2-payment option will be required to fully fund both payments before being granted access to the Member Area.

Please note that the ZipDebt Member Area is a *bonus* feature that is being added to the existing program content. I do reserve the right to grant access to this new feature to existing clients at my discretion. For existing clients who wish to access the new area of the site, please email [email protected] with your request for access, and we will reply with instructions. If you are within 30 days or less of expiration on your Enhanced or Premium Program coaching subscription, a renewal order will be required before access is granted to the Member Area.



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