Debt Settlement Industry – Big Changes Coming Soon?

By Charles
In October 6, 2009

There may be major changes coming soon to the debt settlement industry. I’ve written recently about how the industry is being targeted by various regulatory bodies, such as the Federal Trade Commission, state Attorneys General, and various consumer advocacy groups. Recently, the FTC announced a proposed change to the “Telemarketing Sales Rule” (TSR) that will include Read More …


  1. These people sent me a “pink” notice and I responded to them I was going to file a complaint w/AZ AG office. With -in five minutes I started to get phone calls about me being involved in fake accidents etc which I attribute to whatever dumb ass this sweat shop has working for them. This site needs to be shut down and prosecuted for malicious intimdation. I thought this crap eneded yrs ago, Where are the Fed’s and HLand? I would personally hunt these pricks down myself and maybe I still will

    • Scott, welcome to the world of third-party debt settlement. Believe it or not, most of the remaining firms out there try to stay clean, but there are always going to be rogue elements in any industry, especially one with significant profit potential where breaking the rules can increase profit (at least until they get shut down!). AG complaints can go a long way toward getting the authorities to focus enforcement activity on the bad actors, so you should follow through if you feel they crossed the line. Complain also to the Federal Trade Commission and the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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