A Professional You Can Trust To Help With Creditor Documents

desk-doc-reviewIt is very common that you will receive letters from your creditors communicating the status of your debt with them. Sometimes it is a collections letter stating how much you owe and the consequences if you do not pay the debt – How should you respond?

Other times you may receive a debt settlement offer where your creditor is making an offer to you to reduce the debt if you agree to their terms. Should you accept? How should you respond?

Often the creditor is not going to act in your best interest, they simply want to get paid. You need to understand what these letters mean and how to respond appropriately in order to protect your credit and or reduce your debt by the largest amount possible.

Charles Phelan of ZipDebt is an industry leader in debt settlement, collections and credit issues. Mr. Phelan can apply his experience to review the letter(s) you receive, provide you with advice on how to respond with confidence and SAVE MONEY.

Benefits of Our Letter Review Service

  • An in-depth review of a single credit collections or settlement offer letter.
  • A full consultation to advise you on how to respond to your letter.
  • One business day turn around. You can have a review and advice within 24 hours.
  • Only $100. A one-time review and consultation fee could save you a lot of time and money.
  • A Money Back Guarantee. You can order ZipDebt's Document Review Service online and have Charles Phelan helping you within hours.

ZipDebt = Fast Relief

Debt settlement is just as much about managing risk as negotiating savings. The 36-48 month programs offered by most debt companies have high risk for collection lawsuits. It's far more effective to "fast track" debt settlement in 12-18 months.

ZipDebt = Affordable Help

Instead of paying fees as high as 20-30% of your TOTAL DEBT, it’s far more affordable to work with a professional consultant who only charges 15% of the SAVINGS achieved via the negotiations. This approach saves you money and creates a win-win scenario.

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