About ZipDebt -- DIY Debt Settlement Done Right!

A personal message from ZipDebt Founder, Charles J. Phelan

I’ve been helping consumers and small business owners settle their debts since 1997. When I started in this business, there were only a handful of other people offering negotiation services for credit card debt. In 2000, I was recruited as a pioneering expert to help build one of the nation’s largest debt negotiation companies. Guess what? I helped create a MONSTER! We were so successful that HUNDREDS of little companies sprang up around the country to take advantage of the business model that we had developed at a tremendous cost of time and money. Nowadays, you can hardly go “surfing” around on the Internet without seeing an ad for debt relief through settlement. Talk about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery.

Unfortunately, the fee structure in the Debt Settlement industry grew at an aggressive pace, and by 2003 I was no longer comfortable recommending third-party debt companies. So I decided to risk alienating many of my friends and former colleagues by spilling the beans on the debt settlement industry, and in 2004 I published the first version of my do-it-yourself training course. After four years of working one-on-one with consumers, I published the second (2008) version of the course, and then kept right on coaching people through the massive financial crisis of 2008-2010 and beyond.

My published data speaks for itself. After many years of hard work, I have quietly amassed one of the BEST TRACK RECORDS IN THE DEBT SETTLEMENT INDUSTRY. ZipDebt clients settle for LESS MONEY out of pocket, and complete the process FASTER versus traditional third-party settlement programs.

In my Do-It-Yourself Debt Negotiation Training & Coaching Program™ I teach you EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO SETTLE YOUR OWN DEBT ACCOUNTS, without third-party intervention, without paying a dime in negotiation or administrative fees, and all within your existing financial resources. The simple fact is that anyone capable of using a telephone can settle their own accounts for 50%, 35%, even 20% of the amount owed.

Why pay those big fees when you can accomplish the same thing yourself?

All you really need are two things:

  • The RIGHT Information & Training
  • Follow-Up Personal Coaching via Telephone and Email