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Second Mortgage Consultation — Detailed Case Review, Telephone Consultation, and 30 Days Follow-Up Support via Email

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    One of the best kept secrets of the recent financial crisis in America is that many consumers are successfully negotiating principle balance reductions of up to 80-90% on their underwater second mortgages or home equity lines of credit (HELOCs). Successful settlement of a second lien can often mean the difference between success or failure when it comes to avoiding foreclosure on a property. When a home has already been lost to foreclosure, the second lien is usually still treated as a loan deficiency that can be collected upon, even in so-called “non-recourse” states. The settlement approach can also be used to resolve such deficiencies without legal action.

    How can you determine if YOUR second mortgage or HELOC is one that could be settled for 10-20 cents on the dollar?

    There are only FOUR options available to you:

    1. Spend countless hours on the Internet reading various public forums, websites, and blogs in the hope that you can learn enough to figure out on your own whether the settlement approach will work for you.

    2. Call one of the dozens of debt settlement companies offering to negotiate on your behalf. Of course, you won’t be getting unfiltered advice. They have big fees at stake — usually a percentage of what they save you in the negotiation – fees that can amount to $5,000 or more for a high-balance mortgage or HELOC. How can you be sure you’re getting objective advice when you’re talking to someone biased toward selling you such an expensive service?

    3. Meet with an attorney to review your case and help determine the best course of action. And while it’s always good advice to seek legal counsel when faced with potentially complicated real estate matters, if you’re a candidate for settlement they will want to handle the case and charge a hefty fee for negotiating on your behalf.

    4. Consult with a neutral and unbiased source of professional advice – someone who is not looking to enroll you into an expensive debt negotiation program – who can evaluate your situation objectively, make a solid recommendation on suitable strategy, AND tell you how to do it yourself and avoid those big fees.

    The SecondMortgageAdvice Solution – There’s no need to sign a contract with a debt settlement company or pay big bucks to an attorney when you just want to find out whether or not the settlement approach even makes sense for your property. We’ll interview you, analyze your numbers, and give you a straight answer on what strategy makes the most sense for your property situation.

    This is a 45-60 minute process via telephone consultation, and includes follow-up support for 30 days via email. Our fee is only $150.

    Our Commitment:

    We will take the guesswork out of this for you and give you clear information and advice based on our unbiased assessment of your situation. We will give you a firm recommendation one way or the other. We’re objective and neutral because we are not looking to “sign you up” for some expensive third-party debt settlement program, or “upsell” you for thousands of dollars in fees down the road. If we determine that you are a good candidate for the settlement strategy, we will also provide you with information and tips to help you successfully negotiate a settlement on your second mortgage or HELOC.

    • Learn insider tactics for reducing the principle balance of your second mortgage or HELOC by as much as 85-90%.
    • Avoid costly mortgage relief scams by working with lenders yourself based on our coaching and advice.
    • Save $1,000s on attorney and service fees.
    • Get affordable help — one low flat fee of $150 covers our professional analysis, phone consultation, and 30 days of support via email.
    • Get unbiased objective advice from someone who’s not looking to sell you something. We only offer paid consulting advice, and do not offer any negotiation services or refer people to such services.
    • Consultations handled by Charles J. Phelan, a seasoned professional financial coach with 15 years of experience, accredited by Better Business Bureau, A+ rating.

    Get Started Now:

    If your second mortgage is keeping you awake at night, you need quality advice from a reliable and objective source. To get started, simply add this product to your shopping cart and checkout via credit or debit card, or via PayPal. We will email with instructions for scheduling our telephone session. We will review and analyze your situation, answer all your questions, and provide you with solid advice on the best strategy for dealing with your second mortgage. Our $150 consultation fee includes a full 30 days of support by email, so you’ll have plenty of time to ask follow-up questions!

  • 2 reviews for Second Mortgage Advice

    1. Jose A. Machuca
      5 out of 5


      I had the 1 month trial with Mr. Phelan and it only took less than 2 weeks to tackle the problem and settle with M&T bank a LOC. My LOC was for $100,000.00
      and we were able to settled for $16,200.00. Thanks to the advice and guidance from Charles Phelan. He was precise, professional and knowledgeable.
      Again, thank you for all your help,

      Jose Machuca

    2. Genevieve Ferraro
      5 out of 5


      Although I make it a point not to write reviews, I felt it would be a disservice if I did not inform possible future clients of Mr. Charles Phelan about the successful modification of our 2nd mortgage/home equity line, which was as a direct result of our consultation with Mr. Phelan. I contacted Mr. Phelan about pursuing a modification of our home equity line/second mortgage after learning about his services from on-line research. I originally thought if the modification was successful, Mr. Phelan would take a percentage of the savings for a period of time. In fact, that was not the case. For a charge of $150.00 he provided an in-depth counseling session about steps to take to modify our 2nd mortgage. He also let me know all the questions to ask about the structure of our mortgage, when it would re-set and whether it was owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. After the initial consultation, Mr. Phelan was available via email to answer any questions I had as I went through the modification process. Thank God, I contacted Mr. Phelan when I did. We were paying $550 to $650 each month on our home equity line, depending on the rates, as this was interest only. The loan was scheduled to reset on June 30, 2015 to $895.01 per month for a term of 20 years. I would have never thought to ask about ‘the reset’ except that Mr. Phelan said it was a critical question to get answered.

      After talking to Mr. Phelan, I started the loan modification process for our 2nd mortgage/home equity, held by Chase, on July 31st. I was aware that Chase is known for making it difficult to obtain a modification. Still, with Mr. Phelan’s advice and consult, we learned on September 11th that we had been approved for a modification of our 2nd and the payment will be $315.00 per month!!!!!!!! Also, our first payment is not until November 1st, which gives us some breathing room. My husband and I could not have asked for a better result!

      Thank you Mr. Phelan! The relief we felt when we saw the modification approval papers was like winning the lottery. My husband and I are currently discussing other services you provide that might be of use to our family. Your instructions for filing a modification were invaluable, your inside knowledge made it possible for us to understand the system, and your follow-up was reliable and accurate. If I could put 10 stars as a rating I would. Thank you again!!! Genevieve M. Ferraro

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