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In March 13, 2014

This post is intended to provide a forum for ZipDebt clients to post comments about their experience with the program. Recently, I spoke to a person interested in my program, and they told me that they didn’t bother to read any of the testimonials on my site because “everybody fakes testimonials.” Well, that’s probably true of many (if not most) debt-related websites. Not so with ZipDebt. ALL of my testimonials are real. No need for faking it here. But it gave me the idea of providing a way for clients to write in and post comments on their own.

Feel free to write about your experience of handling your own negotiations with training and coaching by yours truly.

Two simple ground rules for posting your feedback:

1. Please do not mention bank names or the names of collection agencies. (Two reasons for this: One, I don’t want to get drowned in blog-spam by debt collectors who work for said companies, or notices from their legal departments, etc. Two, settlement percentages are a moving target, and a bank/agency that settles for 30% today may stick with 50% tomorrow, and vice versa.)

2. Please do not include website links or html tags in your posts.

3. No profanity please (however tempting it may be to dump on your favorite debt collector). 🙂

Otherwise, please feel free to relate as much or as little as you care to share with others. The main purpose here is to help the folks who are struggling with their decision about whether to use this strategy in their situation.



  1. I want to thank Charles with all my heart. I was nearly $80,000
    (thats eighty thousand) in credit card debt and thougt I would never get out The
    course really helped me. I settled the $80,000.00 of credit card debt for a
    little over 27,000.00 I saved 50,0000. I owe it all to Charles and his e mails
    I was drowning in debt for years and now I can breathe and relax again with peace
    of mind. I followed his advice to the letter and everything he said to do, I
    did and it was worth it. His course is worth ten times what he is asking. Anyone
    can succeed if they follow his advice. I want to thank you again Charles with
    all my heart. I owe you my life.

  2. I don’t even know where to begin – to say that Charles has changed our lives is the biggest understatement imaginable.
    He took us from massive hopeless debt to seeing bright light at the end of the tunnel in less than two years.
    Starting with some $186,000 of debt, we have settled one account after another, negociating with Charles one-on-one guidance. We have settled a total of $120,000 of debt with settlements of 22% to 60%, paying a total of $50,575. Our average settlement percent is now $42%, but it is getting lower as we go along and get better at it.
    For anyone who may be intersted in how this all happened, here’s our sad story:
    Over the course of 20+ years, we STRUGGLED to get out from under what ended up being 14 different credit card accounts. Our total unsecured debt ended up being over $186,000. This is what happens when you borrow from Peter to pay Paul – open a new charge account in order to transfer balances with the intention of closing the old account, but then you need the old account for money to live on. Then all of your charge accounts keep raising your credit limits because you’ve done such a good job of managing your credit (translation – juggling).
    We were a disaster waiting to happen, and it did. We hit the wall in November, 2003 when there was no money to make a payment on one account, which meant there was no ‘room’ on that account to pay the next account, and so on – just like dominos in a line.
    I know this is getting long, and Charles, you may want to edit this, but I just don’t know which part to cut out and make it be logical.
    The first thing we did was fall for one of those scams that you talk about. This so called ‘debt solution’ program asserted that we didn’t really owe anything to these creditors because they had never really given us anything in the first place – the evil banks had simply used us to borrow money from the government, and they would never pay that money back – besides the fact that they could never prove that we actually got any money from them in the first place.
    Desperation blinded us to the fact that this was a scam, and like a drowning man would grab any rope offered – even if there was a monster throwing it out – we bought the program. After listening to their cd’s, we became aware that they were CROOKS! What a sinking feeling.
    The problem was that we had followed their advice and stopped paying on ALL of our accounts, the phone was ringing constantly, all the accounts were charged off and reassigned to debt collectors, and the situation seemed hopeless.
    We thought Bankruptcy was our only option – and to give the attorneys credit, we do feel like they bought us some time – they handled the calls for us and took the pressure off for a year or so while we made payments to them toward the bankruptcy. After we had nearly paid them off, a consultation showed that we really couldn’t file (the reasons why were complicated, but it involved the fact that money was borrowed in our relatives names too.)
    That’s when we turned to the Internet for help. Searching under ‘debt negociation’ ‘debt settlement’ – anything I could think of, I clicked a link leading to Charles. Reading his web page, it seemed to be too good to be true, but something clicked with me as being the real deal. I called his 800 number with what was probably a very pitiful cry for help, and much to my surprise, he called me back. It was incredible to me that I had actually found a real live person who was willing to help. He spent a long time on the phone with me, which was unbelievable considering that I hadn’t paid him a cent.
    Everything he said made sense, and we had discovered the truth of much of it ourselves. So we bought the course and listened to it, but at the time our business was failing, and we had no money to put aside to settle anything, so we couldn’t implement it.
    A sherriff knocking on our door serving lawsuit papers put us into high gear. Our only solution was to try to sell our home quickly before it was taken from us. We were able to sell within a few months, and with our equity cash in hand we started consulting with Charles to start settling with creditors, which by this time was debt collecters as well as a number of debt purchasers, and we were dealing with a judgment.
    Facing 14 different creditors seemed impossible when we began. When we met with nasty, lying reps, Charles reassured us, told us the truth, and outlined how to proceed. In every situation, Charles has proven to be right. They all settle – you just have to be patient and play the game. Listen to Charles, he will lead you out of the maize. As you knock them off one at a time, you will acquire confidence. When another one comes up and you start to panic, Charles is there to lead you through, calm you down, and outline a plan of action.
    This is such an emotional thing to me, I’m choking back tears as I write this, but Charles, you just don’t know what you have done for us. I know I have told you this before – but you saved us, you gave us hope in a hopeless situation. You’ve been the only person we could turn to, and you’ve never failed to lead us through the toughest situations.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

  3. Just wanted to pass along my thanks to Charles. With his guidence, I was able to negotiate a reasonable settlement with creditors – in my case about 48%. If you’re willing to grind through the process, not get too flustered with the calls you’ll receive from debt purchasers and keep a good attitude, you will be able to work something out that is mutually beneficial for yourself and the creditor. Word of advice: stand your groubd with the collectors but be respectfull and professional with them. Set your bounderies and be clear that you will not tollerate abuse or rudeness but where possible be courteous – these folks are just trying to make a living too. Make it clear that you are willing to work with them. Great program and Charles is extremely responsive, objective and knowledeable. This program is short money compared to what you’ll save monetarily – not to mention from a standpoint of sanity. – steve

  4. I will save our scary story to tell at the end of all our negotiations. For now, let’s just say that it’s similar to Gail’s posting before she got to the scam part. Currently, we are in the thick of it–talking to creditors as Charles is advising us to do. We’re only two months into this process, but this is what we’ve gained:

    $73,000!!! How’s that for a start? This represents 31% of the total we owed on two cards. In one phone call from Charles during the bank’s offer phase, he told us how to get this particular creditor to come down $7,000 more than we already thought was good. What he told us to do worked!! In emphasis, Charles’ 15 minutes of coaching saved us $7,000 more! My husband said he, actually, felt the weight come off his shoulders when they agreed to this fantastic settlement.

    When we were hitting our wall, my husband ALMOST went with an attorney’s office to do this negotiation work for us as they were very convincing about the fact that “we would retain our good credit standing,” and because it’s LEGAL debt negotiation through their law firm, they can get better deals for us and easily handle our bankruptcy later if we needed them to.” But my gut said, “No! They want their $22,000 fee up front with NO promising agreements in their contract to do ANYTHING for us. How did they think we could pay this fee in the financial state we’re currently in–when we have no income right now? We would have to borrow more money to pay their fee! Now, what sense did that make?” It was a good day when I found Charles’ website.

    My husband is very happy with himself now that he is handling our debt problems himself (using Charles’ expert coaching), and I’m proud of him, too.

    Also, I purchased the ID Caller Manager that Charles recommended, and my peace of mind has been saved! I can put all my unwanted calls through to a recording and not have to hear the phone ring, which made my stomach churn.

    Thank you, Charles, very much for a grand start, or should I say, “a $73 grand” start! . I will be posting more news later as more successes come about. What a difference a good coach can make!


    P.S. Everyone: You MUST take good notes when you speak to Charles on the phone as forgetting his tips can be costly!

  5. I run a small business. Through a series of setbacks, I found myself with $220,000 of unsecured credit card debt. I was making over $4,000 monthly minimum payments on eleven different bank cards. I had some cash, but not nearly enough to keep pace with my payment schedule and still run my business. I assummed my only two options were bankrupcy or Consumer Credit Counciling. Either way, I would be paying between $4000-5000 a month for five years. Fortunately, I found Charles’ program while researching the subject on the internet. With Charles’ guidance, I was able to settle all eleven credit card accounts in a year for $87,000. Charles, your program is phenominal. I can’t imagine any other way a person can become debt free from credit cards in such a short period of time. The negotiation process with the creditors was exactly as you said it would be. It is very refreshing to get advice from someone is extremely knowledgeable and also a straight shooter. I would highly reccomend this program as the most effective way to deal with “out of control” credit card debt. Thanks again Charles. You’re a lifesaver!

  6. Words can not express what Charles has done for me.
    Prior to finding him on the internet,(thank god I did), I was literally sick to my stomach about the debt I had accumulated. I owed over $50,000 worth of debt on a salary of vey little. I was never able to catch up and the more I played balance transfer games the worst it got. Sound familiar? I called the 800 and left a message and Charles called me back and explained his program. After his call I felt like I had an angel delivered to my doorstep to guide me through the dark money tunnel I had fallen through. His program, advice and kindness have gotten me through this without the despair I was feeling before starting on this program. The information he supplied me with made the last 6 months easier than the last 6 years have been. I followed his advice and I got a tracfone and used that as my debt collector phone (you have to change the information on your account to the new number)and I was able to handle the phone calls at my convinence. I have cleared my debts in 7 months for an average of 31% and I am now debt free for the first time in a very long time! Please do not be skeptical of this program, it is the REAL thing, with a REAL person who is charging very little for a system that actually works. You have very little to lose and quite a lot to gain. Again, thank you Charles for everything you have done. You and your program are a Godsend!

  7. We make a good income, we live in a good neighbor hood, we are regular people, and we were strangled by debt we could never pay off. For years we struggled to make payments to “keep our good credit”, but with the birth of my son, I promised myself to get out of this situation, I did not know how, but I knew it had to stop. I looked everywhere for solutions, I called the advertisers on the radio, I searched the Internet, I found Charles, Thank GOD I Found Charles. We were skeptical to say the least, who wants to spend more money when you are already hopelessly in debt right, well I am here to tell you that in 15 months we settled every account we had for pennies on the dollar, and I could not have done it without the support that Charles provided. Charles will show you the door, but you will have to walk through it, it is not easy, it is frustrating, but it is possible, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I never put much stock in things like these, testimonials, this is the first time I have every written one, and if anyone that is reading this is on the fence make the leap, you will be taking the first steps towards a freedom you can not buy.

  8. Charles does one thing well, he motivates you. It is often difficult to answer the phone when creditors call, to talk with them rationally, and to make progress on one’s debts alone. Charles is your partner in this, and will see you through to the end of your debt problems.

    Personally, I had 7 credit cards, totalling $63K in debt and was about 6 months behind in payments. After I settled one on my own, it was just so simple, I tried to settle others and I could not make any progress at all. It turned out that I had settled with one of the card companies that was the most liberal, and I had a lot to learn and a long way to go.

    With Charles’ program, I got motivated and am now the self-proclaimed award winner of the annual Zipdebt “Zippy”, for the fastest settlement time from course purchase to being credit card debt free. I settled my credit card debt for a total of $31K, just under half of my original amount.

    Thanks, Charles!

  9. Charles’ program is invaluable. It is so useful that I never try to negotiate a debt until
    I have referred to the program CD and workbook, and emailed Charles for strategy guidance.
    His program has helped me and one of my family settle several debts at an average of 33% of the total.
    We would never have achieved this success on our own! I am so impressed with Charles’ program that I am referring him to everyone I know who needs help.

    Thanks so much, Charles.

  10. I, like many others, failed to control spending, and spiralled down a path of endless debt. 12 years ago I was $120K in cc debt, and I had never been late on a single payment of any kind. By 2001 I had paid off about half of that. However I made a classic mistake and did not close the paid accounts, and was back up to $90K by 2003.I thought I was OK though and took a 2nd mortgage for $72K to take care of this cc debt once and for all. Once again I did not manage my finances well. I only paid $45K on cc, did not close the paid accounts, and loaned $25K to a business partner. HELLO! I was really in deep now. By the fall of 2005 I owed $85K on cc, a 1st and 2nd mortgage, and on and on, and 4 children. I begged and pleaded with creditors to work with me, cut rates, etc., anything. Of course I was on “default pricing” and they would not help me, even though I had still never been late on a payment, ever. I was flopping $2500 a month and to someone looking in I had the perfect life. WRONG! By May 2006 I could not make payments. I had had back surgery in December,and minimum payments on some accounts doubled. I could not rob Peter enough to pay Paul. I quit paying them, one by one. The phone calls came pouring in, bunches of them. I tried to answer or return all of them and explained that I wanted to pay but just could not. I did trickle a payment in here and there, but truly did not know what to do. I tried credit counselling, but did not qualify because payments were higher than I was paying before, and I had less income. I tried debt relief companies I had heard about on the radio. Same thing, could not do payments. Finally I did an internet search on “How not to pay your cc bill”. The Zipdebt site came up and I checked it out. I called Charles the next day and asked if there was any hope. He assured me that things were not so bad and that he could help. I have heard a lot of sales pitches over the years, but something told me Charles was for real. He suggested the seminar with 1 year of e-mail coaching would work for me. I listened to the CDs about five times and we then talked again more specifically about my strategy. I was already about three months behind with some creditors so things happened fairly quickly. The first thing I did was get a call management program from the phone company. I must say at this point I knew Charles was for real because the psychology between me and the creditor changed quickly and drastically. The funny thing was that after I had quit paying these creditors, they suddenly found that they indeed did have a “hardship program” and could help with rates, payments, etc. IMAGINE THAT!! Thanks to Charles and his advice these situations played out exactly as he said, every time. As it turns out the CD seminar has all you need to do this, but you have to pay attention to every detail. One by one these acounts settled averaging 37%. All but one settled within nine months, and the last in twelve. The settlements ranged from 20% to 60%, with the largest balance $17400 and the smallest $3800. All I can say is that Charles and his knowledge and experience are for real. I cannot thank him enough and I still have some dignity as well. He makes you believe in yourself. With patience and discipline any body can do this with Charles’ help and guidance. Sorry to go on so long but this is a real, true life story.

  11. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your prompt and professional service. You delivered as promised and always provided thorough answers to my questions in a matter of hours!

    A little information for anyone considering the debt elimination program offered by Mr. Phelan:

    By the time my six accounts had approached “charge-off” status, I was in excess of $150k in debt.

    After exploring (and becoming suspect of) other “debt elimination” companies that I had heard about on the radio and TV, I discovered information presented on Mr. Phelan’s ZipDebt web site. Mr. Phelan’s approach combines expert, industry-specific knowledge with sound negotiating skills. Furthermore, I remained in control of my finances – as opposed to entrusting my cash flow to a high-priced, financial babysitter (as is the case with “debt elimination” companies).

    I decided to purchase the ZipDebt program. I closely followed the advice presented by Mr. Phelan in the program; reading through and listening to information contained in the manual and on the audio CD’s two or three times. Armed with my newfound knowledge, I formulated a “game plan” and went to work. Within a matter of weeks, I had my first settlement on the table – 25% of my outstanding balance! Yes folks – it can be done! After all the smoke cleared, I had negotiated settlements on all six of my accounts. Average settlement: 41.8%

    Important advice to readers:

    1.) Not all of the settlements were “lump sums,” as I managed to negotiate payment plans into a couple of the deals. Just ask them!

    2.) Upon entering into your negotiations with either the original creditor or a 3rd party service – treat them as your friend – not your enemy. You will find that these people are just like you and I – they are simply doing their job and will be much more inclined to reach an agreement with a “friendly” voice.

    3.) Don’t show fear. Be friendly, but firm. Outline your boundaries prior to making your calls, and if pushed to far, know when to say, “I am sorry, I simply can’t do that.” Generally, the creditors will back off and often times present a more favorable option.

    4.) Be patient. You will generally not receive your best deals early on. Creditors become more willing to negotiate as the odds of recovering their money becomes slim and the debt approaches “charge-off” status.

    5.) Please make an honest attempt to comprehend to the information Mr. Phelan presents in his course – it is invaluable! The information walks you step-by-step through the negotiation process, and Mr. Phelan promptly answers any questions you may have.

    I would imagine, that given the current credit “shakedown,” creditors my be more willing to settle these accounts at a couple of percentage points less than levels we were seeing a few months ago – Correct me if I am wrong here Mr. Phelan…

    I only wish that I had been armed with this knowledge 20yrs ago! Oh well, as they say, “better late than never!” At least now I awaken with a clear conscience and the weight of a hundred bridges off of my shoulders! May the wealth-building phase of my life begin!

    Once again – I sincerely appreciate your help!

  12. All the comments that have been made describes exactly what our situation was a year ago so there is no need for me to repeat the financial mess we were in. Before finding Charles I had contacted a financial management Co. and when we put pen to paper it did not take us long to figure out how much we were going to be paying them and the length of time it was going to take to get out of debt. That is when I got on the internet and started searching and I found a lot!! I truley believe that God directed me to Charles. When I finished exploring his website and I got down to the bottom there was his picture and I thought “he has a kind & sincere look”. So I downloaded the 32 page report. After me & my husband read it we took advantage of the free phone consultation and we both felt a great since of relieve after talking to Charles. Given the amount of dept we HAD we choose to go with his enchanched program which was pennies compared to what we would have paid for a financial management program. We have settled several accounts with only one collector left and they are being a little tuff but Charles is just a phone call or e-mail away! Charles I do believe I had an angel on my shoulder when I found you. Harold & I thank you for all your support and your prompt responses. We could not have accomplished this without you!

  13. I started this program in September 2007 and have already settled 5 of my 10 credit card accounts for 30 cents on the dollar and was able to structure the settlements out over a 3 month period. I am working on account #6 now. A couple of the more stubborn creditors have charged off the balance and turned the acct over to a collection agency so those will probably take a little more time but I am confident now that with a little patience and this program, that I can get them to settle as well. Zipdebt has saved us from having to file bankruptcy and I am grateful to Charles for helping us. Thank you!

  14. I’d always understood managing personal credit is a game, a serious one, but a game nonetheless. I thought I was equipped for the game with a good credit score, low interest rates and a good income. Unfortunately, many of us have no clue with how to succeed in the debt and money management game. I’ve come to understand many of our laws and industry regulations strongly favor the credit card companies, not the consumer. Add to this, the barrage of offers of easy terms, constant flow of pre-approved credit cards, low introductory rates, de-regulatd interest rates, increasing unasked-for credit limits, cash advances with high interest disguised as “open checks”, and any number of marketing tools employed by the credit industry to increase their revenues.

    Because of a cross-country move and a home remodel I found myself with a lot of unexpected cc debt, over 60K. It was manageable but stressful and somewhat embarrassing. I also knew the payments were cutting deeply into my ability to save/invest for retirement which kept me awake at night. I had a great credit score and all of my interest rates were low, but I desperately needed to adopt a plan to pay off the debt. I did some research and started a program which advises setting up a timeline to pay off all your debt and cc’s, one at a time. Finally some relief, there was a plan in place! Just two months into the program, I noticed two of my cc’s with smaller balances went from single digit interest (card rate, not introductory) to over 25%! Alarmed, I checked all my recent payments and bank statements and as usual everything was paid on time. So I confidently called the two cc companies to tell them there had been some misunderstanding and would they “please” change my rate back. Talk about naive!

    I learned the credit card companies had reviewed my credit file and decided I had become a larger credit risk because my credit card debt ratio had become high, although my overall credit score had barely moved. A contributing factor was that in the spirit of financial housekeeping I had recently closed a number of old credit accounts that contained open credit with zero balances. The following month another credit card with the largest balance followed suite and raised my interest rate from 11% to 29.9%!! Now I wasn’t just shocked, I was freakin livid! I found I had no recourse; none! I had not applied for any new credit, made ANY payments late, hadn’t changed address or jobs; I had just slowly used the credit line the card companies had extended me in the first place. Nor had I given permission for a “review” but found I was now at their mercy and after a couple of conversations with their representatives, I found out they had none. At that point I figured it was a matter of time before the remaining large account and another smaller account “caught up” with me. Looking at those high balances with such high interest rates was devastating and made me understand that all the years of good credit history with the same companies and paying on time meant almost nothing. Worse, I knew this would add additional years to my pay-off program and more years before I could start to save significantly for retirement. I knew I had to do something. I talked to the instructor of the acceleration program and he suggested I talk to Charles.

    I was current with all payments when I had the initial conversation with Charles. It didn’t take long for me to see he had a deep understanding of how the debt companies operate and a philisophical POV that melts the conventional attitudes which keep consumers of debt in “line” by mortgaging their physical health and their financial futures. I’m convinced purchasing Charles’ zipdebt program was the best financial decision I could have made. It’s one year later and I just settled the last account for 45%, with my overall total for settlement at 39%. And, depending on your situation, you don’t necessarily need a pile of cash to begin.

    I followed the program very closely. It’s not always easy but after the first settlement you begin to see it’s possible and how it truly works. My first settlement came at 26%; talk about motivation! Although some settlements are tough, others are not-so-tough. The conversations with the collection agents can rack your nerves, but you don’t have to lie, and it gets easier. Just follow Charles’ program and advice, his responses are always prompt and overall coaching is very thorough. He gets contant updates on what many creditors are willing to do.

    The Zipdebt program is awesome, it’s inexpensive, and I appreciate that he has kept the price so reasonable – it’s really worth more. But when you’re looking a big pile of accumulated debt, it’s hard to imagine spending yet more money on an unknown is a good idea. But I found it is. I’m now at a place where I can make real progress toward retirement, pay off my home mortgage and start to repair my credit rating. As I’ve said all year: Many thanks Charles, I couldn’t have done it without you!

  15. Discovering your program for reducing our debt was one of the best things we have ever done. It is a process that anyone can manage by themselves. I now understand that if you do not take the time to
    administer the debt negotiation process personally you will waste a lot of money that could go to pay off your debt and likely not insulate yourself from your creditors like you have been advised. I say this because I have a variable income. If I committed a specific amount each month to pay someone else to negotiate with my creditors, there would have been months that I would not have been able to pay.
    By eliminating the credit services fees I was in a position to begin settling my accounts in several months and all 5 of the accounts I decided to settle were completed in 9 months. In the process $22,701.83 of credit card debt was cancelled in about 9 months.
    If you are considering using a credit service to deal with your creditors—STOP—-, and give Charles a call. You will be glad you did.


    David and Wendy Williams
    Racine, WIsconsin

  16. Thank you Charles L-I-F-E-S-A-V-E-R Phelan!!!

    Being a single mom after going through a nasty divorce, I had quite a bit of debt built up for being only one person. I was attending school at the time to get my Master’s Degree and was literally using leftover student loans to help pay for my bills. I know, BIG MISTAKE (for many reasons)! and even BIGGER when I graduated and the money stopped coming in. I found myself not being able to pay all my bills.

    I researched many debt elimination/debt consolidation/debt negotiation companies and almost had the pen to the paper when I came across ZipDebt! What a miracle day that was!! I withdrew my paperwork immediately after reading Mr. Phelan’s FREE 32 page report and made that infamous 800# “call for help!”

    Mr. Phelan called me back and we discussed my situation. He was even kind and truthful enough to tell me that I only needed the lower costing program (although I would have paid three times the highest amount!!)

    Fall 2007 was the season of my “release from financial prison”. I received the ZipDebt CDs and could NOT put them down. I ended up listening (and taking notes) to every one of them in one sitting. Some advice: listen to them OVER AND OVER again!! I cannot tell you the sense of freedom and control that I have felt since starting his program.

    To date, I am in the 3rd payment of a 4 month payout plan in which I settled for 17%!!!!!!!
    I.E. 21,000 debt and I settled for $3,500. My in-house settlement amount is LESS than I would have paid the negotiation company for their fee!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE! ALL THANKS TO MR. PHELAN’S GUIDANCE!

    Currently, I am dealing with a second creditor which I’m sure will be sending me to a 3rd party collection agency. Armed with ZipDebt’s tools, I look forward to the challenge as it will be a battle of knowledge and skill.

    Some advice:

    1. listen to Mr. Phelan’s CDs over and over again! (always keep things fresh in your mind.

    2. when talking with a creditor, it is IMPORTANT to always give them the minimal amount of information possible.

    3. “act” clueless (pretending to listen to every last word of the creditor’s advice like you have no idea about what is going on) and then go in for the “kill” when YOU (and your pocketbook) are ready.


    5. it is important to stay in contact on at least a monthly basis with the creditors as I found that some of them actually do notate your calls in their files. (Don’t burn any bridges!)

    Mr. Phelan, you are truly a blessing to so many! I have shared my story with so many friends and family (as well as strangers). Thank you for being courageous enough to cross over from the “dark side” to help ordinary people like us to have hope for a debt-free future!

    God Bless!!

    P.S. I will update when the “game” begins with my next creditor!

  17. I have read all the inforation from others that worked with Charles and must say “MEGA DITTOS” to it all.
    Charles is the most helpful and honest man I have ever had the pleasure working with!
    We are a little different than many of the others in that we began working with a partner that turned out to be a disaster. We were steered wrong, stollen from and left with unfinished properties. All the money we had (also IRA’s cashed in) went to finishing the properties. We also paid a mortgage of over $1000 a month on a property that was being worked on, but not rented or sold. Unfortunately, much of the money to finish the properties came from credit cards. We always had excellent credit all our lives (we both are in our early 60’s). Before this all happened, we used credit cards when needed, but never had high balances on them. By the time we knew that we had been “taken”, we had a $250,000 debt on credit cards, not to even mention the IRA we lost and had to pay a penalty on.

    We also talked to many of those “others” about our debts. They charged outragious fees and the monthly payments were more than we could handle. Like the others we got on the internet, talked to Charles and we were convinced this made sense. Well, we started with Zipdebt in the fall of 2007 and to this point we are down to about $125,000 owed. We also got some real deals in the 20% area following his advice. Have one filing a suit, a couple others that don’t want to move, etc. I feel that in time we will get the rest paid off. It might take 2 years, but we will do it.

    Charles does do 2 things that I really appreciate. One he answers your e-mails quickly.That means alot! The other, which I have heard in the above notes, he encourages you. Just last week I said in an e-mail to him that I am tired spending so much time on checking all the accounts (we currently have 10 more cards to settle). He wrote back telling me to think about how much money I am saving and divide that by the hours spent and I would be happy as to how much I earned. He also said we will continue to have progress, sometimes it takes time.


  18. Hi, my name is Patty. Before my nightmare started I always had good credit. Always paid my bills on time and never thought I will find myself in the situation I was in but it does happen to the better of us when we least expect it. Before I knew it I had more debt than income coming in. I tried to keep up with my payments and like alot of us I was robbing Peter to pay Paul. I started talking to debt settlement companies but their fees where so high I thought to myself if I can not afford to pay my creditors where am I going to get the money to pay this debt settlement companies. So I searched the web on do it yourself debt negotiations and much to my surprise I discovered Charles. He was the answer to my prayers!! I thank God for him because without him and his program I don’t know where I would have been. When I started Charles program my total debt was almost $62,000 and by the time I finished my settlements my balance excalated to $69,000 with finance charges and late fees. After 7 months of negotiating with my creditors I finally settled a little over $32,000 a combined savings of 47%. I was hoping to do better but I will take that any day just knowing I don’t have that large debt over my head and the stress it has taken off my shoulder.
    My advice to anyone that is considering Charles program. DO NOT HESITATE. DO IT!!! This is probally the best move and investment you would ever make and his program is by far less expensive and rewarding than going through any other programs because you negotiated your debts yourself with the help of Charles. Again, Thank you Charles for all that you do and may God Bless you abundantly!!!

    Comment by: Patricia in Florida – April 22, 2008

  19. There is no other way I could have accomplished the results without you. I will be
    forever in your debt. You are truly a godsend to people drowning in debt because
    of the banks sucking us in to their webs of disgracefulness. Consumers need to be
    educated with your program, for the small amount of $ for your program in exchange
    of the education you provide that the banks don’t want consumers to know. Here
    are my results. Settled more than $260,000 of debt for about $70,000 following
    your advice.

  20. Like everyone posting on this site, I was drowning in debt for years. There did not seem to be anything I could do to get on top of it. As things began to cost more; food, gas etc, I found my self working a second job to pay my mortgage, bills, etc. and at the end of the month, I would have nothing left to buy food with. I could not stop using the cards. My car died and I needed to buy a new one, I had an enormous student loan coming out of deferment. It was clear that this was an endless cycle and I would need to either declare BK or hit the lottery.

    I researched credit counseling but knew this would not help my situation because I could not afford any of the plans they offered and it would take years, years to make a dent in my debt. I then spoke with at least 6 different settlement companies who all promised to eliminate my debt in anywhere from 2-4 years for fees as high as $7,000. I felt like i was completely being taken advantage of by these companies. But at the same time I thought my only other option was BK. Then one fateful day, right before i was about to commit to one of these settlement companies, I stumbled across Zipdebt. I immediately called and after speaking with Charles I knew that this was the solution for me.

    I would urge ANYONE who is drowning in debt and not sure what to do or considering BK, to at lease make an appointment with Zipdebt for a telephone consultation. My settlement occurred within 5 months of my last CC payment. I followed the seminar, word for word and honestly the CC companies reacted exactly the way Charles said that they would. I was afraid of how I would handle the telephone calls because this was suppose to be the hardest part, but they were not bad at all. I have only a cellphone so I was able to completely screen these calls and call the CC companies on my time. I settled appx $43,000 of Debt for about $17,000. In the end, a lot of people right now are declaring BK or their homes are being foreclosed, I believe that I was lucky that I left my home alone, took very little money out of it, and used the cards to make ends meet. I did not plan this but if I had not used the cards, i am pretty sure i would be dealing with foreclosure instead of settlement.

    Thank you Charles.

  21. Aside from thousands of dollars Charles saved me – the program pays for itself many many times over – Charles provided what I consider the most important – PEACE of MIND.
    The entire goal of all creditors is to suck out as much money out of you as they can. They LIE, they harass, they do not care about your health or family (nor should they). I could not believe how representatives of respectable organizations lied to me on recored calls. For example, one major credit card rep was insisting that their company NEVER settles for any percent, only full amount is accepted (they nicely settled for 40%), another from a different credit card was lying repeteadly about the date my account goes to charge off. I can provide countless examples of devious tactics creditors use to take out the very last dollar you have.
    Well, Charles turns the entire process upside down – I am in control. I decide when to call and I decide what to offer. If any question arises, I email Charles, he replies within a few hours and provides solid, extremely knowledgeable help- since he sees hundreds of settlement letters, he knows exactly how each creditor works. One by one creditors back down, they become very nice and accommodating; in fact, among them are very kind and understanding reps. that work hard to make their bosses approve the offers I give. I settled anywhere from 31% to 40% – mostly because I felt confident knowing that Charles support and experience is behind me.
    What’s interesting too is that closing deals with these ruthless credit card companies on my terms gives a sense of confidence.
    Charles business is one of those rare gems of integrity and supreme value that are available to financially distressed people. I wish the very best to Charles and his Zipdebt!

  22. Charles experience with debt settlement surpassed our expectations. He gave insight on how each creditor would react and was absolutely, 100% spot on. His insight was truly amazing, and his coaching helped us to move through the process with just wonderful success. Understanding how the creditors work behind the scenes helped us in dealing with them knowing what they can or cannot do. Financial distress can be debilitating and seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, Charles is that light. To anyone reading these testimonials I would strongly encourage them to take hold of the situation with Charles and his program. No question was ever too small and he was so supportive through the entire process.

  23. I simply can’t say enough good things about Charles and his program!
    We were facing bankruptcy for sure until we found Charles on the internet
    and decided to give his program a try. The CDs alone were fabulous. They
    opened the door to possibilities we didn’t know existed. And hearing his
    advice rather than reading it helped because we had scripts playing in our
    heads when we made our calls. But the best part of Charles’ program is
    Charles himself! He personally went through our portfolio and told us how
    to handle each account and when. His advice could not have been better.
    And he was there every step of the way to assist and encourage. Overall
    we settled at about 40% in just under 6 months! Go Charles!! 🙂

  24. I have had a great experience with Charles and Zipdebt. I had three accounts totaling $17,700 in credit card debt. The bank had merged with another bank and all my debt was with one bank, which was a problem. I negotiated my debt as Charles told me to do, and within four months they settled for a total of $5,300 with the appropriate settlement letter. Charles was honest, upfront, patient and courteous. These qualities were well-received, because working with creditors is especially unpleasant. I would recommend Charles anytime to help anyone with their debt.

  25. I do not even know where to begin… Charles Phelan is my hero! In September of 2007, I had reached the end of my rope and was drowning in a sea of financial despair. I had come to the conclusion that I was going to have to file bankruptcy and it was depressing to say the least. With the help of my sisters, we found Charles Phelan and began his program in December of 2007. By the end of December, we had already settled 2 out of 5 accounts!! For 25% of what I owed!! By May of 2008, the rest of my accounts were settled… only 6 months into his program! I had been in debt for years and couldn’t climb out no matter what I tried. And now, in just six months, I am free to breathe again… hallelujah! There is no way I would be where I am today without following Charles Phelan’s program. He is extremely knowledgeable and the advice he gave was flawless. He was able to predict with amazing precision the order the creditors would settle in, what they would settle for, what tactics they would employ, and what approach we needed to take with each of them. He was extremely accessible to answer questions, review settlement offers, and provide continuous advice and input. We followed his words of wisdom exactly as he outlined for us, and I couldn’t be happier with the end result.

    If you are struggling and cannot find a way out, I strongly urge you to take advantage of what Charles Phelan has to offer. In addition to being knowledgeable, accessible, and informative; he is compassionate and empathetic. Trust me on this… he can help! I have gone from depression to euphoria and have regained control of my life. And what a beautiful feeling it is. Thank you Charles!

  26. My experience with Charles has been one of complete satisfaction and absolute amazement in how well he understood and could predict exactly what the credit card companies would do. I volunteered to help my son and daughter-in-law to settle an accumulated debt of $230,000 on 17 credit cards. Their story was very similar to others who know all too well how out of control this situation can become, between juggling balance transfers, applying for new cards with 0% options, failing to make a payment on time creating huge finance charges of 29% to 32%, etc. Unfortunately, their bad financial situation was created by a failed business which caused them to pay their bills, groceries, insurance premiums, gas, etc. using these cards. After looking at various options on the internet pertaining to debt settlement, it became obvious that the cure was worse than the problem. The outrageous fees and length of time these companies took to settle debts was totally unacceptable. I again searched the net and found a website that had general information on settling debts yourself, and although I had a few successes, I quickly found that there was more to it than just calling and requesting a settlement. I was getting nowhere except frustrated. In my desparation I called a few attorneys who claimed to settle debts, and their process was not much better than these scam debt settlement companies. I began searching the internet again and by some guidance from above I found Charles’ website. He seemed to be the answer to my prayers and after speaking to him on the phone, I knew he was!! I felt immediately that he was honest, straightforward, knowledgeable and everything I could have wanted in guiding me through the horrific process of settling these debts. I followed everything Charles suggested and one by one over a period of about 5 months, all the cards were settled with an average of 31.3%! He gave me the strength and courage to be able to confront these companies with conviction and knowledge that if I stick to what he says, it will all work out – and it did. I could never have done it without you Charles. Thank you for your wonderful service and for being our life saver! Diane

  27. Charles has been a God-sent to my credit card crisis. Back in August of last year I had more than $ 27,000 in credit card debt with 3 major companies. With the expert coaching from Charles, I was able to tackle the credit card companies one at a time. From the first time that I talked to Charles on the phone, he made me feel comfortable and real easy to work with. As I started to deal with each company, I emailed Charles and he responded in a very quick manner with how to proceed. He was always there to reply with any and all questions that I had. My first account was settled for 35% of my balance, my second account was settled for 43% of my balance, and my final account was just settled last month for 50% of my balance. So, the average settlement came out to 41% of my balances. In less than 1 year, I was able to finally resolve these debts with the great help and guidance from Charles. I always felt that special personal ( hand holding) with Charles through our emails. It was a great experience to go through, and I can assure anyone that is in need of help that Charles is the right person to go to. The cost for the program was very minimal for the all the savings that I received through his program. Thank you Charles, you have been fantastic to work with. Dieter

  28. About a year ago I was around 14000 in credit
    card debt. I had signed up with one of those settlement companies. and was very unhappy with them. They charged terrible fee’s and it would take forever to settle because they were pocketing most of my savings in fee’s. I had finally had enough and found Charles web site. Charles is a God send!! He helped me get rid of them , got 1/2 my funds back and a little less than a year I am now debt free. It was a wild ride but with Charles level headed advice , and his ability to help you feel at ease , I came through it.
    I settled for around 40% of what I had owed, Thank-you Charles , your the BEST!!!

  29. Charles has the answers. His program led us to an unemotional, accurate decision to settle our debt rather than utilize other options. We settled about $82000 in credit card debt for about 36%. We settled one of the creditors for 20% – that’s $50,000 for $10,000! We couldn’t have done it without Charles. We knew exactly what to expect and how to handle the possible situations. The key to Charles’ negotiation methods are patience. I can’t emphasize how relieved we are. Now the work begins. Now we’re in debt to ourselves. We have loads of retirement and savings to catch up on. Most of all, we’re not making decisions between medical treatment for our son or payments to creditors. Seems like a no brainer now; but at the time a so-called “excellent” credit rating seemed so important. But to drive home that it really isn’t, I just decided to change my cable service and they asked for my SSN to do a credit check. I went ahead and gave it to them. Now, I just blew my “credit rating” settling $82K in debt, so I was a little worried. After a few minutes, she came back on the phone and said my credit is “low” and that’s “great!” Go figure. If you have any reservations about using Charles’ program, you shouldn’t. It works, period. We started in October of 2007 (on our own), brought Charles in in January 2008, and were debt-free by June 2008. This is despite several mistakes we made in that Oct 2007 to Dec 2007 time frame. Charles helped us fix those. Now go get your life back.

  30. I began my journey March 08 I was about $198,000 in credit card debt I called a debt company and after the man emailed me the contract I began to surf the net to see if there
    was a better solution Thats where Charles came in. The other company would keep all of my payments for fees for the first 36 months. At first I didnt want to spend the money on his course but am I glad I did. His course gave me peace of mind, it helped me get over feeling worthless and prepared me for my battles. This was a very difficult time to begin with but the education I aquired was priceless. It is July 28,08 and I now am debt FREE I settled my all 6 of my accounts for around $49,500 A savings of $148,500! I settled an almost $60,000 account for $8,994 A $22,000 account for $3300, A 12,000 for $4000, A 19,000 account for $7884, A $57,000 account for $16,800 and A $26,000 for $8,600. Thank you Charles!!!!

    Every time I called if even if I didnt leave a message Charles always called me back.
    I can now focus on living again. What a burden lifted.

  31. My husband and I settled over $60,000 in unsecured cc debt within 5 months! Top that one! Charles was at my beck and call. What a savior! He walked me through every settlement, negotiation, letter, etc. We settled one of our creditors for 15%!!!! It was painless and easy…well, that one was. We did take advantage of the Interceptor ID and it’s helped tremendously. I found Charles on a fluke thing while scrolling some money websites and I took a chance. A huge chance. I thought to myself, “I don’t have the money to be spending to even do this program!” It is the best decision I have ever made. My husband was NOT on board and once he listened to the CDS and read the manuals, he too realized this was the best thing we could do. We feel free. Free to enjoy our lives, our son, and our financial freedom. Now we’re going to work on paying ourselves. Thank you Charles from the bottom of my debt free heart!

  32. Charles,
    Well, thanks to you, I’ve settled everything with the credit cards with the highest being XXXXXXX at 50% saved: $36,552; XXXXX at 35% and 40%: saved $39,537; XXXXXXX 40% saved: $8383.00; XXX at 20% saved: $119,486; XXX at 50% saved: $5,269.00. Total saved: $209,227.00. I know I’ll get a 1099 for this but it is still good.
    Money very well spent on your program, the CD’s are great, easy to understand and your help was always quick when needed.
    I highly recommend it, what a relief to have this over with.

  33. I was so impressed by Charles from the very first time I consulted him about my debt. He was very professional but at the same time you could tell that he cared and really wanted to help us. He helped me understand all my options regarding the large debt ($80,000.) we had incurred with 3 different companies and then left it up to me as to which direction we wanted to take. In just under a years time we settled all the debt with his advice and assistance. This program works!!! I am a very non-confrontational type person and it was hard for me to stand up to the creditors, but with Charles support and advice, I was able to settle all my debts from 27-50%. Let me just say that if I can do it, anyone can. I learned that the credit card companies prefer to deal with you personally. The first company actually brought up settling my debt before I could and the agent told me “do not go to one of those debt settlement agencies, we do not like to talk with them and they are just going to take your money and piss us off. We will happily work with you personally.” I saved about $18,000. that I would have paid in fees to a debt settlement agency. Every penny of Charles’ program was well spent. I would have gladly paid two or three times what he charges. Whenever I needed his advice I just called his number and left a message. He always called me back right away, usually within an hour or two, but always the same day. I followed his advice to the letter and used his methods when talking to the creditors and it all worked just as he said it would. Thanks to Charles we are debt free and we thank him from the bottom of our hearts. This program and Charles have my highest regard and recommendation.

  34. Dear, Whomever is in debt .. Charles J. Phelan is without question the man
    with the answers… Firstly my girlfriend , then I went boldly forward into
    the ‘Bog’ that is the credit card . I settled on three cards, one at 26% under
    his guidance,..many times lately I have told my story and looked into the
    faces of others who are in debt, and they will not take a step toward
    negotiating a settlement, because the companys have done a very
    good job in clouding their rights.. and so to the ‘BOG’..

    Charles and his CD’s will save you …he’s concise and up to
    date…I learned

    Honesty, Realism, and Respect ..

    Best Regards

    K H Pacific Palisades CA

  35. I must tell you my story. I was involved in a car accident, in which I was hit by
    a car walking home. I lost my pay, and I maxed out my credit cards to cover expenses.
    I was missing credit card payments, and my APR jumped from 9.99% to 29.99%. The crdit
    card did mot care at all. I was about to declare bankruptcy, when I read about Charles
    in a national weekly magazine. At first I was spectical, and thought there must be a scam
    going on. In the mean time,my debt went from 2-3K to about 30k in a 1 year period to cover all my expenses. I thought to myself, what have I got to lose. I called the 800 number, and within hours I got a call back directly from Charles himself. I thought, wow this is different. Some one says they can help me. No one else would touch my case. No friends, no attorneys, no banks, no associates, no one. Then Charles came along. I too think he is an angel sent to help people who suffered financial misfortunes. Following his guidelines, and instructions, I setteled my debtby about 11k. That is a savings of 29k. You would be amazed. This really works. When no one else was there for me, Charles said I will help you. I shall never forget you, and I have recommended his services to all my friends. I highly recommend this service to any one who wants to be debt frwee. Today, I am back at work, and living debt free now and forever. God Bless You Charles.

  36. As an attorney who does bankruptcy petitions himself, I knew very little about the mechanics of debt or debt settlement. After listening to Charles’ CD program a number of times, I was able to settle most of my debt for 39% on the dollar and have saved about 160K dollars to date. Charles’ materials are excellent and will pay for themselves with your first settlement. I am very skeptical of internet material and coaches, etc. but Charles Phelan is the “real deal”. Buy his materials, listen to his materials SEVERAL TIMES and use his methods. Once you build up your set aside fund, go into action and change your life. Get that milstone from around your neck. I am well on my way to being debt free and have Charles to thank for it.

  37. I can only echo what’s been said above. We’ve all made some dumb financial decisions, and the credit card companies are only too happy to keep lengthening the rope. Add to that a slumping economy, rising health care costs…and you have a ticking time bomb. We were in substantial debt, around $45K owed to two credit cards, and by slowly, methodically, working with Charles, we’ve been able to settle for 30% on one and 50% on the other. It can be pretty nerve-wracking, but thank goodness for caller-id to screen incoming calls.

  38. Charles,

    I wanted to thank you so very much for helping me settling over 100k in debt for about 33% of the original balance due.

    I am almost done and I can not stress enough how your guidance and emotional support through the negotiation has helped me to negotiate my credit card debts at the best level possible.

    I wish you the best and thank you for conducting business the way you do.

    Best Regards,
    Marc N

  39. We are looking into improving our credit score, checking into the housing market, just got a new car.. and then I remembered that we owe all this to Charles Phelan. So, five months after our last settlement, I’m very happy to add my part in thanking and acknowledging Charles for the unbelievable transformation he has brought into our life.

    Our business had incurred a major mishap at about 2000 and since then we were juggling debt between credit cards, depleting equity from our house, sure that very soon we would be out of debt and back on our feet – only to find it harder and harder to get back on track. Trying to avoid bankruptcy, the zipdebt program seemed most sensible, but it took us very long to actually embrace it. We started the program but did not follow it to the dot, failed, and went back to the hopeless cycle of paying minimums. It took more bad news to finally convince us that we had to be serious about getting out of debt.

    Charles helped us on many levels. His program is very informative. Then we needed to know that it fit our personal situation, and Charles took the time of hearing us out, learning the details and answering our concerns. Finally, there was the mental block. My husband and I were very embarrassed about our situation and could not admit to ourselves that we would not be able to pay up all of our debt. Also, I just could not get myself to speak with the debtors, some of which were really mean. Charles offered kind words of encouragement and held my hand through it. By the end of the process, though I deeply regret ever falling into the pit we got into – this became a positive, learning experience for me, with personal growth (believe it or not!). I ended up negotiating with charm and strength and saved our family and business about 50% of the debt.

    Several months later I realize that it’s more than money that we saved. We really have a new life now. Instead of dealing with past demons, we are planning ahead, looking into a pretty good future.

    Having said all that, any word of gratitude or appreciation sounds understated. So here is a very humble, understated – thank you Charles.

  40. Hi Charles,

    Just wanted you to know that I purchased your seminar earlier this year. After 18 years in business, we started to see a shift in our industry and then in the economy. Normally business always has ebbs and flows and I’ve borrowed in the past to cover overhead, but I was always able to pay it back. This time the downtime wasn’t rebounding. Subsequently I amassed over $240,000.00 in credit card debt (13 cards) to cover payroll, marketing and inventory. I made a HUGE ERROR IN JUDGEMENT!

    To make a long story short, I’ve settled about $190,000.00 for about $70,000.00. Initially it was extremely frustrating, especially after having a stellar credit score. I took every call that came in. (Big mistake!) I probably received close to 500 calls and spoke to over 150 individual collections people during a 6 month period. I thought that if I showed that I wasn’t avoiding them, they would be more sympathetic. Some were, some weren’t, all just trying to do their job.

    You mentioned in the seminar, “do you want to have a good credit report or get out of debt?” That was a hard pill for me to swallow, but it made sense. Thank you for removing the fear and giving me the confidence to forge ahead by giving such excellent information.

    We still have some hurdles to jump and with the economy tanking, I definitely have to reinvent my career. Everyone needs your program so that they can truly know what their options are.

    Thanks again!

  41. Thank you, Charles. I could write a lot, but I want to keep it short, so hopefully people will read this…

    My debt was over $50,000 to my credit cards. Your guidance, knowledge and coaching helped me empower myself and negotiate to a settlement of just over $12,000. It’s truly incredible and had I not known you, I would believe it to be impossible, but after my experience with you, in the midst of my gratitude I was laughing at myself for ever living in fear of my debt. Thank you for teaching me to take care of myself.


  42. Charles,

    My final payment to evil corporation X was posted last week. What a relief!! I can’t speak highly enough about Charles and his information. My wife and I settled approximately $40,000 in credit card debt for a little under $15,000. That is a savings of $25,000 and years of repayment. This took around nine months to complete but it was totally worth it. A couple of things that I would suggest would be to get a Skype number and set it to automatically go to voicemail. Follow the plan to call back on your schedule and you will not have a problem with having to constantly worry about the companies calling. That strategy worked perfect for me. Don’t be afraid of these people. You can do it!!


  43. In 2006, I had four credit cards totaling $38,000. I bought Charles program (so glad I didn’t waste giving money to some company to do what I did myself) Have had the following settlements:

    $4277…settlement offer came after five months for $1949. Paid it.
    $18,901…interest built to $22,000 by settlement time…$8520 (!!!!) settled after 17 months
    $10,430…interest built to $15,000 by settlement time…received court summons (eek! that was scary!) after 29 months…but I called them and settled for $9400. Court case is closed as of today!!!!!!

    So, $34,000 in beginning debt…settled for $19,869. THANK YOU, CHARLES! If you can come up with the cash at the right time, this will work for you. You don’t need nerves of steel, either, because I certainly do not have that! Funny enough, my credit score is still in the mid 600’s, even though I haven’t made a card payment since 2006! Not that I care too much. I’m just thrilled to be out from under that debt.

    Have one card left for $6000 and that won’t be a problem, either.

    And I have changed my whole outlook on money and being impulsive! I don’t even want to spend money anymore, and when I do, it’s well thought out and NOT impulsive!

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  44. Purchasing Charles program is one of the smartest investment I ever made. With lesson learned from the program and also guidance from Charles I was able to settle over $120,000.00 worth of unsecured debts for $47,000.00 and within 7/8 months. Do it yourself debt settlement works and there is no reason to pay any company to do settlement that you can do yourself.

    Thank you Charles, you definitely saved us from Bankruptcy and relieved us from the huge debt load.

  45. This is a great program! I am a VERY cynical person, but after wallowing
    in debt for years, and even considering bankruptcy, my wife and I
    enrolled in Charles’ program. We have been involved for only a couple of months,
    but have already settled two accounts, saving ourselves $13,000 in the process.

    We still have several accounts to work on, but are starting to see the light
    at the end of the tunnel. Once everything is taken care of, we will have
    an extra $3500 per month in our pocket. (Money which was going to credit card
    companies in the form of minimum payments.) Charles is great to work with,
    is very knowledgeable, and very understanding.

    If you are thinking about this program, I say “buy it,” settle your debts, and get on with
    your life! That is our gameplan from NC; we look to be free of credit card debt by the
    end of 2009.

  46. Hello Charles —

    As promised, I wanted to give you the good news. After 20 months, I’ve negotiated the last of 7 settlements for my brother & sister-in-law.

    Today, I sent the final settlement check. It went to a very well-known Credit Card provider and was settled @ 25% of the outstanding balance.

    Collectively, we paid out a total of $12,776 on a total debt balance of $59,092. (This is the “inflated” total that includes late fees and accumulated interest. The beginning debt balance was $53,925).

    To put things into perspective, had we done nothing but continue to make the minimum monthly payments on this debt, we would have paid out $27,920 for the same 20 month period without making any truly significant progress in debt reduction. That just boggles my mind.

    Needless to say, this would not have been remotely possible w/o you and the ZipDebt program. Our expenses in the matter, including the cost of your program total $859.38 …… One could not make a better investment.

    We wish to extend our very sincere thanks and heartfelt gratitude to you. Your program is second to none; I would want anyone considering your program to know that you are truly a man of your word.

    Best Wishes,

  47. After years and years of being suffocated in debt and NO END in sight, I finally made the decision to do something about it. I researched many different debt settlement options and finally felt the best was thru Charles at ZipDebt. By handling the negotiations myself, I not only saved $1000’s of dollars, I gained a strenghth and courage level that I never I knew I had. Just knowing the proper strategy, what to expect on the other end of the phone and knowing that at any time, help was just an e-mail away, gave me the confidance to finally end my debt burdened situation. I owed just slightly over $80,000 to credit card companies. My minimum payments made NO DENT whatsoever and in fact, because the credit card companies kept jacking up my interest rate (even though ALL my payments were always on time), my balances kept rising. Within 4-6 months of starting the program, I had negotiated ALL my debt down to $30,000 and change. I literally saved OVER $50,000 in debt which would have calculated to over a million dollars in payments had I kept going at the rate I was. THIS IS NO EXAGERATION.

    I sleep better, I feel better and my financial future is more hopeful than ever before.

    It was scary at first, every new venture is, but once I made my first call and was PREPARED,and, it went down exactly how I was instructed it would, I was on a roll! Charles was there EVERY STEP of the WAY! He is quick to respond (many times the same day) and clear and concise in his responses. I could not have done this without him and the result NEVER would have been as good had I tried. His understanding of the banking industry, the different credit card companies, what each unique one typically settles for and how to approach them is the true SECRET WEAPON in the negotiations. This knowledge and guidance is priceless.


    This program is a true bargain.

  48. I’m a smart guy that got myself into a hole.

    But just because I’m smart, it doesn’t mean that I’m immune to the emotional issues that we are confronted with when we have to deal with our personal finances. Specifically, the shame and the tendency to let our problems fester until it’s too late, or vice versa.

    So about a year and a half ago, things caught up with me. I realized that there would be know way that I would be able to dig myself out of my hole. It might not collapse and bury me, but understanding the reality that people just don’t work in the same place for 10 or 20 years anymore, I knew that the possibility of being buried was a legitimate one. Like most of you, I spent endless hours googling about this subject. I could not find one resource that I trusted. Finally I came upon Charles’ website.

    And I admit I did not trust Charles either.

    But it was a small fee for the basic program. Small in comparison to my monthly interest payments.

    So I signed up. Immediately I was impressed with Charles’ responsiveness. No hype, no BS. Just the kind of matter of fact, level headedness I am used to in my business world where I pretend that I am one of the smart people that does not get themselves into stupid situations.

    Now, it’s been a while since I started the program, I don’t know if he has change his menu at all, but what earned my respect was that he was right up front that he is not there to upsell anything. Yes, there are different levels of service he provides, (and he may delete this because) but he actually stepped up on a couple of occasions to provide certain services that were beyond those that I had subscribed for.

    This is a guy that had been in the full service business of settling debts. He’s been there and done that. Knows the inside and outs.

    If his method is not right for you, he tells you. This made me confident, because he is relatively specific in addressing those situations. So listening to him describe situations that are not appropriate for his methods, I felt confident that his plan was right for mine.

    And it didn’t hurt that he answered my emails when my first S&C was nailed to my front door. This is not an easy situation. Its not for everyone. I can’t say that its for you, but if you are sitting where I was a couple years ago, I can tell you that the money is well spent whether you follow the program or not because at the very least you will understand what the game is about and if you hire someone to help you, you will be much better prepared to evaluate the person you hire and ask the proper questions. .

    Good luck to you and Charles, thanks again.

  49. I can’t say enough good things about this DIY program. We were barely keeping our head of water with about 75,000 in debt and have settled all of our CC’s for average of 40%. We saved so much money by not hiring a Debt Co. and using that money to settle our accounts much faster. This Seminar is very complete and goes through the process from beginning to end. And the email support is priceless. He responed to every question within 24hours usually less. Going through this is process can be very stressfull with many questions and doubts that pup up and having someone to answer your questions in a timely manner goes along way. Charles knows his stuff.
    Thanks Charles

  50. Charles advice has been absolutely essential to help me get the kind of results I achieved! I had a total debt that inflated (with all the outrageous interest rates and late fees) to over $223,000. Charles was somewhat conservative on his estimate of what I could settle this debt for when we started…. He indicated a 40% to 50% settlement. To my delight; I was able to settle with my creditors for 15% to 50% with an average settlement of 33% (total settlement was $73,000.) He absolutely over delivered upon his claims!

    One other thing that Charles did that really impressed me was that he always responded very quickly with detailed emails on suggestions on how to deal with each creditor at that particular stage.

    I would like to point out that I have always had 800+ perfect credit and have never been late on a payment my entire life. All that changed a few years ago when the Michigan economy started to crash and my real estate portfolio of half a million in equity suddenly became massive debt. The reason I mention this is because I still consider myself an honest and very hard working person and am not used to dealing with some of the scummy, lying debt collectors I had to deal with. Charles course material clearing outlined these debt collector tactics and allowed me to (silently chuckle) at the collector’s threats instead of going into a panic. Knowledge of the process gives you the confidence you will need to succeed.

    My only advice to add to Charles material (and maybe he already said to do this, I forget) is to keep a journal of every conversation you have with each creditor. If you are dealing with many creditors like I was, you will easily forget essential settlement figures that you have discussed with them and you don’t want to give them a figure that is different from what you mentioned previously. The creditors keep a journal and you should as well. Also, outline a plan of attack on paper and check off each step of the plan that you accomplish so you can clearly see your progress.

    Thanks again Charles, your service is awesome!

  51. i had over $55,000 in credit card debt and was really a loss as to what to do. i looked at a lot of different options online and was almost taken in by a number of scams. this was my first time venturing into this world of drowning in debt and i really didn’t trust anyone. honestly i was VERY skeptical about pretty much everything out there. i finally became convinced that debt settlement was the best option for me. Then came the decision of who to go to. as you know, since you’re reading this, there are tons of options out there. i talked to several debt settlement companies and they all sounded great but required some pretty hefty fees. Then i stumbled across Charles’ program. honestly i really didn’t think it was going to be that great but i decided to go for it because the price was so reasonable compared to all the others. Seriously, i was blown away by the quality of the materials, the clarity of the presentations, and the excellent service. I simply can’t urge you any stronger to go for this program. this is the real deal. Charles was great. After I sent in my money, i got the materials and started listening to the cds and putting the principles into practice. Then came the real test – i emailed Charles about a question i had. To tell you the truth I really figured that I wouldn’t hear back at all – after all, he already had my money. What were the odds that he’d actually follow up on my emails once he had my money? I was blown away. He responded within hours with a DETAILED, thoughtful response. It was so cool. The end result? In six months i was able to eliminate well over half my debt using Charles’ program. I can’t emphasize this enough…THIS IS NOT A SCAM. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL. i’m a real person out there who was helped by this program. why am i taking the time to write all this? because i know how skeptical i was and i can only hope that by reading this, you will have the confidence to GO FOR IT! DO IT! you definitely will NOT regret it.
    Thanks again Charles for what you’ve done for me!

  52. THANK YOU THANK YOU! Your program was such a a great help!
    I had contacted a service they were so overpriced and I coudl not afford
    topay that money. I figured the program would be able to do it myself.
    At one pointI thought I might have to file for bacnkrupcy but thanks to
    your easy to understand proagram I have avoided it.
    I was skeptical at first, but after reading, listening to the cds and getting
    the reassurance of being able to speak to you via phone or email,
    I have settled the last of my 6 credit cards. My ending credit card debt
    total was $143,053.00 I sucessfully negotiated that down to $46,232.00 plus
    they let me pay it off in 4 monthly payments too! That being said, all my credit
    cards averaged about 32% payoff. It took me 5 months to from start to finsh.
    I am now looking forward to getting my credit back on track and keeping it
    clean and clear for. Again, thank you so much for helping me with such a tough
    & stressful situation!

  53. Just finished negotiating the last of our eight credit card accounts. We completed all negotiations before charge-off at an average of 35%. We followed the program and used the follow-up with Charles to confirm our approach and not jump the gun and settle too early.

    We started with $80K in debt, which rose to $90K once the process began, and we settled all accounts for about $31K. This program met our expectations and from the start in November 2008 to completion with the last payments here in May 2009 the process was relatively quick – especially compared with how long it would have taken to pay off the credit cards by paying the monthly minimums.

    Thank you Charles – I have already recommended your program to others!

  54. My credit card debt was over $83,000. My total minimum payments were over $1350 per month, so I had to use my credit cards to purchase groceries, clothes, and pay utility bills. I read an article that Charles had written about debt settlement, what it is, what it does to my credit, and how it affects my life – good and bad. I decided to purchase his program and be coached by him. After all, it was a one-time fee and was an extremely small fee for the amount of money his program would help me save.

    I used the techniques I learned from the materials I received and from our coaching sessions. He told me what to expect, how to present myself and how to handle any possible outcomes of the calls. Because of his coaching sessions, and email messages, I stayed confident during each call, even when some creditor reps became belligerent. Within 22 months, I settled my 10 credit card accounts and paid an average of 45% of my original debt! I am completely credit card debt FREE.

    If it weren’t for this program and for Charles’ experience and knowledge, I would have been paying my credit cards off for over 10 years (if I never bought anything new). Now, I’m saving for my future, because, thanks to Charles, I now have a future.

  55. In August 2008 I was lucky enough to stumble upon this website just
    in time to pull the plug on a debt settlement company. I figured as much money as they were going to charge
    a few hundred bucks was worth the risk. Of course I had no idea if debt settlement could work or if Charles
    was for real or not. I bit the bullet and purchased the course and have not looked back. I just settled the
    last of 7 accounts totalling $124,000 for $39,773 in 11 months. If you are serious about eliminating your
    debt this is the way to do it. Its not easy and it takes patients. There is a specific process that works
    and that is why I am the 55th person on here saying “thanks” to Charles. When you stop
    sending good money after bad (stop paying the banks) there is a very predictible process that begins.
    Charles has this stuff down to a science. He takes emotion out of the equation and shows you the cold hard
    facts. Don’t be like everyone else and work for your money. Make your money work for you!
    I know it sounds super scary for someone who was juggling credit line after credit line, robbing peter to pay
    paul worshipping the almighty credit score. It is a specific roadmap that, if followed, will reach its
    intended goal. I’m telling you, I was up to my eyeballs in debt. A good week for me was when I got a new
    offer to open up an account so I could free up some money (debt) from a maxed out line of credit. It was
    just an endless cycle. Draw a line in the sand, purchase this program and live the way YOU want to!

    Thanks Charles for being one of the good guys and not just delivering on your promises, but over-delivering!
    My future, my wife’s future and my two beautiful daughters’ futures will be much better off because of you and
    your program.

    Very best regards,
    Mike M.

  56. August 13, 2009 Today I’m 61,000 pounds lighter than I was in March. That’s how I feel anyway…In March 2009 I was searching for a way out of my $106,000.00 of debt. Once I read Charles’ 32 page report it made sense to me and I made the decision to “do or die”, I immediately began the program and here I am 5 months later having shed $61,000 of debt SIXTY ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS! I had 5 credit cards totaling over $106,000, I settled all five accounts for $45,000.

    This was actually the most stressful time of my life and Charles helped me navigate through this uncharted territory with his calm matter of fact knowledge. At every turn and with every question I had I received the answers and guidance I needed to reach my destination.

    August 13, 2009 I have arrived! Ready to Rebuild!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  57. Thank you so much Charles. My bank was aggressive and challenging at times, but you steadied me continually. I might even say you are a miracle worker! I was living in debt for close to ten years. Now, I’ve been able to settle for a low, manageable amount. One thing is certain: I couldn’t have reached my fantastic result without your help. You truly have a unique and effective service.

  58. Hi Charles…

    I again want to thank you so much for your outstanding program.
    This has been a tremendous blessing to me and my family. At the beginning
    of this year, we were mired in over 100,000 dollars worth of credit card
    debt. I found you and your program by God’s grace and I followed it
    very carefully, with much help from your great email coaching, which I also
    heavily relied upon. Well, as of now, I have settled about 90,000 dollars worth
    of debt and i’m almost done. I have two credit cards left and can finally see
    the light at the end of the tunnel.
    Your program is such a great service to people who are in stressful
    debt situations. You are really truly helping people. And I felt like you
    were my friend in that you were always there for me, whenever I needed some
    quick advice in dealing with a certain creditor or negotiation. It was
    invaluable to have access to your insight and knowledge. I would so highly
    recommend this service to anyone who was in my situation. And I would steer
    them away from all those “debt settlement” companies which are just trying
    to take money from this situation.
    This strategy and program really works. And as you said, it is an
    honorable and legitimate way out of tough debt situations. But you need
    to know how to do this and your program provides all you need to know.
    And if you miss something or forget something, you can always get a
    friendly email response to questions. It was perfect. Thanks so much.

  59. I cant express my thanks to Charles enough for helping in getting contol of my finances again. As with a lot of people I thought that
    the “good times” would last for a while… Then wham, eveything came tumbling down late last year, including
    my stock portfolio….Like a lot of people, I had gone way over my head. I had bit a lot more than I could chew. But when the reality sank
    that the the next big job or project that I was banking to get me out of trouble never arrived and was not going to any time soon
    it dawned on me that I had two choices:
    Worry myself and my family until kingdom come and remain cornered or have the humility to accept help from someone and the courage to take action.
    Talk about a huge dose of humility. In my darkest financial moment is when through the Grace of God and a lot of internet research that
    I found Charle’s program the day I was getting ready to send my accounts to a settlement company I saw advertised on TV. I decided to
    trust him after personaly speaking with him about my situation, reading previous reviews and realizing that there were no hidden strings or
    trickery with Charles. He was a straight shooter. I told myself I wanted the same financial freedom that other people were writing about.
    So I did EXACTLY what Charles said and put aside any preconceived notions and judgements I may have had regarding credit card comapnies
    and settlements. I came at this with a complete open mind because my best thinking got me in this to trouble start with. I started Charles’
    program last October 11. I settled the last of my credit card debt last Friday,September 18th. By simply doing EXACATLY waht Charles said,
    I was able to settle $71,851.56 for $17,925.00 for an average settlement rate of 25% over 7 credit cards with three major banks.
    It took some time and some wheeling and dealing and discipline to save the cash, but I did it and if I could do it, so can anyone.
    Trust me. Charles was available whenever I had any questions. He was accesible over the phone and the internet
    and always got back to me within 24 hours. After a while, I really got the hang off settling with these banks so I would just listen to the
    CD’s over and over again in case I forgot anything. I have not used a credit card since last October and will never do so again. My credit
    score will eventually imporve and I save cash like never before. I finally have control of my finances, not the other way around. If I do not
    have the cash to buy something I wait until I do. That simple. Please take a chance on this program. The only thing you have to lose is
    compounding intrest of 20% – 30% per year! Again, from the bottom of my heart, Thank You Charles.

  60. I didn’t read all the comments above but will keep it short & sweet.

    Charles’s program was a lifesaver (literally). I did some research on the web and saw various companies offering settlement services that would have cost me a fortune had I gone with them. Instead, I got the expertise and experience of someone who has seen it all at a very reasonable price that was WELL worth the cost.

    For someone willing to follow the program and take some time, I would highly recommend using Charles’s services

  61. Last December my finances were bad but I would be able to survive. I could make the minimum payments but no more. The breaking point came when one bank was bought/sold or whatever banks do to another one that moved my rate up and then it happened again within a few months. In the end one of my credit card went from 12% to 30%. At that time I was about a total of 52,000 in credit card debt. I couldn’t make the minimum payments so I called the bank for some help and was told that “no plans are available that would help” so I called another one of my cards that had enough open credit to close the first account. After speaking with them they cut my credit line down and raised the rate the following month. This was a domino effect. My credit score was over 700 but I couldn’t get credit because my expense to income ratio was too high.
    Long story short, I ordered this course in March. I listened to all the CDs before calling Charles (you need to do this) and he walked me through how to do each credit card and what to expect. It is now the beginning of October, I settled one card that was 2300 for 1100. I settled a second account that was almost 17,000 for 4000. I am just settling with another that has 26,000 and their settlement amount was for 6,350. For the final credit card, we agreed on a reduction on the principal amount, lowered the rate to basically 0 and is giving me 60 months to pay it in full with no changes.
    Charles tells you places that you can get the money needed to pay your bills. I did not know that I could borrow money from my retirement account.
    This is not an easy process. The credit card companies want you to pay up and stay in debt and they don’t mind making you feel bad in the process. BUT there is something that feels good about handling your own problems. I’m at the end of the process and it feels good.
    On a side note, every time I have emailed Charles a question (when I became confused about what representatives said to me or they changed their collection tactics) I received a response within 24 hours (most of the time the same day).

  62. I just finished paying off my last credit card! I started 7 cards with a balance of $85K and settled them for $32K. I bought Charles’ program in January of 2009 and my last payment was October 2009.

    Charles was honest and upfront about what it would take to become credit card free. For anyone who has doubts…research the internet. There are plenty of scams out there. Charles is the real deal. Make the call and get your life on track. Charles can help you on your path to financial freedom. Do not worry about your credit score or what people think. There is not a better feeling than knowing that you are one step closer to becoming financially independent.

    Thanks Charles for all your help.

  63. The biggest fear I had going into this process was the fact that I wouldn’t have enough money to settle all my accounts timely. What would happen with those creditors I didn’t have money to settle with? Having to deal with a lawsuit crossed my mind. This program answers that question by detailing all your options at any stage of the process. Once you understand ALL your options from settling before charge-off through dealing with a lawsuit you’ll realized they are far better than the situation you’re probably already in, given the fact that your reading this blog.

    I too was reading these testimonials about 9 months ago consumed with what seemed to be an impossible financial situation while at the same time wondering if I’d be posting words of scorn or praise after purchasing this program. It’s the real deal but you’ll never know unless you buy it! You must go with the coaching too because Charles will provide invaluable information regarding your specific situation. If you’re still skeptical, order the middle tier package with 6-month coaching and the option to renew. I guarantee you will renew!

    Here are my results:
    Total debt between 6 creditors of $155,474
    Settled 5 at an average of 36%. Saved $75,574
    The last creditor waived about $6,000 in interest and fees and setup a 5 year payment plan at 0% interest. First time in 10 years I’m not seeing a negative number at the end of my monthly budget!

  64. I started 2009 making a resolution that this would be the year for me to get out of debt. After much deliberation, I felt the only way out was with a bankruptcy. I spoke with an attorney and started working on the voluminous paperwork she provided me with. Two days before filing the actual papers, I decided to try debt settlement. There were dozens of companies out there promising to do the debt settlement on my behalf; this made no sense at all and I knew that many companies simply take your money and do nothing.

    When I came across the Zipdebt program it seemed to be the perfect answer for me. I emailed Charles and we spoke and then I knew he was the answer to my prayers. No question was too dumb and his responses were always very timely.

    I knew that debt settlement would work for me, but I was very hesitant making the first calls. And of course the onslaught of calls from the cc companies was daunting. However, again Charles allayed my fears and this helped me to face the devils. In fact, by the time I settled the last account I was having a little fun with the creditors at their expense! I gained so much confidence throughout this 6 month ordeal that I feel very empowered.

    Charles was a godsend in every sense of the word. He knows his stuff in and out, he knows the way creditors’ minds work (and don’t!) and he knows exactly what to do in any given situation. The only regret you may have about taking his course is not doing it sooner!

    I started off the year with 6 creditors.

    Total debt $21,500
    Settled $7,170
    Average settlement 33%
    Saved $14,330

    Gained – Sanity, peace of mind, a clear conscience!

    Charles, you are AWESOME! I cannot thank you enough.

  65. We are so thankful for finding Charles and his program. We had just signed up with a settlement company (scam) and made our first very high payment. We found this program and emailed Charles with many questions and he graciously answered everyone. We cancelled the other and signed up with this. That was in March 2009 and we were in a little over $40,000 debt, 5 cards. On November 30 2009 we will make our final payment and be credit card debt free! All of our settlements were under 45%. It was persistant work on Kenny’s part negotiating, standing firm not giving in, and putting up with a lot of talk on their part. But he listened to Charles’ advice and paid attention to the program. It really is not that hard if you will be patient and persistant. Thank you Charles for your patience, kindness, knowledge, and even at times the reprimands of the mistakes. You kept us encouraged, on track, and you are truly a blessing. This program is for real and doable. It was the best investment we’ve made in a very, very long time. And the returns were awesome! Thanks Charles for everything.

  66. Earlier this year, I visited my daughter who had a large debt after a lengthy and contemptuous divorce process. She was left with very limited financial resources. Credit counseling advised her to declare bankruptcy. I told her I would try to find a way to settle her credit card debt of over $55,000.00 without bankruptcy. I contacted several companies that said they would settle all her credit card debts but they wanted a large fee up front with little promise as to the results. Then I found Charles at zipdebt.com who said that he would show me how to negotiate with the creditors myself. I enrolled in the Premium Program (I wanted the 12 months of support). I was intimidated and scared to deal directly with the collection agencies, but Charles’ program taught me how they operated and what to expect from them.

    Then I sent Charles all the information regarding the 14 creditors I had to deal with and he advised me as to the strategy to use for each one. I was still scared but I felt more comfortable as time went on since I knew exactly what to expect from them and how to respond. As I went through the process, I checked in with Charles and we updated the strategy for the remaining creditors based on the situation as it evolved. This ongoing support was critical since the situations are never static. Charles was RIGHT ON. Within 10 months, I was able to settle all the debts for 42 cents on the dollar with a savings of $32,000.

    Bob Smith, San Mateo, CA

  67. Discovering your seminar has been a major “game changer” in my life. 6 months ago, I was literally enslaved to 4 pieces of plastic, forever treading water and never getting ahead (insert any and all of the other stories, right here). Having never been in an adversarial position with creditors before, there was no way I would have had the knowledge or courage to take on and negotiate with these people, myself. Your seminar gave me the power to stand up and take control of the situation. It was simple, detailed, complete, and packed with “how to” – you may need to change the name from “program” to “recipe”. Step by step, I followed your method and today, I’m free to save for my future and enjoy my present. My average settlement was 35% of my balance, totaling nearly $30,000 in debt elimination. Charles, in addition to your wealth (yep, that pun intended) of knowledge, thank you for your professionalism. Your support (including timely “atta girls”!) was invaluable in remodeling my life.

  68. I started the funding of a new business venture with zero percent and low interest balance transfers from a bunch of different cards I had built up a good credit line with. I was bravado in thinking i could pay everyone off. Well the economy took a nose dive as I opened my business. And I was getting killed by just paying the minimums every month.

    As the economy continued to stay stagnant, and my bills kept growing to the tune of $210,000 dollars to over 6 different banks, I felt like I wanted to throw up everytime I thought about what I got my and my wife into.

    I did some researching on the internet, and the money I invested into paying for the zipdebt course, was truly the best money I ever spent.

    I was so worried that the banks might view the money I borrowed in a different light because it was balance transfers. The companies all followed suit , just like Charles had said.

    I went from getting bombarded with over 50 phone calls a day in the first 30 to 60 days, then funneling everyone into the voicemail trap. I actually didn’t call any of my creditors for over 60 days because I was so nervous to talk to them. Then I sat down with my headset phone, and diligently started calling each one. The coaching Charles provides is so important, because it build confidence. Then when you speak to these companies, you are not afraid of anything.

    I also had to deal with card companies in which my wife was the primary or only card holder. She would get on the phone and just authorize me to speak on her behalf. So, it worked great!

    As the months passed, I was able to peacably take care of so many accounts
    $194,476 total settled with $57,554
    at a rate of 29.59% percent
    the original balances were $175,247. the principal and penalty growth seems like alot in 6 months, but nothing compared to the savings achieved.

    I am still working on closing out the rest of the cards, and never get into debt again!

    If you are hesitant to buy into the program, then you don’t want to help yourself. This is truly the best way to be rid of debt, and rid of the credit card companies.

    So from someone who bought in, didn’t exactly follow the path because of fear, then got on the right track and has seen amazing results… I am a believer.
    Thank you Charles!

  69. I started Charles program on October 2008. 114k in debt split amongst 10 Credit cards. I was able to settle 9 of 10 cards for 43% of the starting balance (36% if you include the interest and fees they tack on during the 6 month settlement period). I tracked the amount of time I spent on those settlements which came out to about 600 minutes and 50 phone calls which averaged out to 5 calls per card. So doing this myself i earned about $8k per hr. I recommend charles over any of those scammers out there.

  70. If anyone is considering using Charles Phelan’s program, I am here to tell them to listen to him and start the program immediately. Charles is very professional, the training materials are right on, very logical, and prepare you for every contingency for the duration of the program.

    I started the program in December 2008 with $106,000 in debt over seven cards. Within 6 months, I had settled all but one, which didn’t enter the program due to a grace period until May. By November, I had settled all for $39,000 total, ranging from 30% to 50%. Charles was with me every step of the way, and I have zero balance on every card with the innocuous statement “Settled for less than full value” on my credit report.

    So read what Charles claims, he over-delivered on his promises in every way. What a fabulous program that works if you work it with his guidance. And goodness, is it a “rush” as you settle on each card!

  71. Thank you Charles for all the information that I would never have had access to. It was quite a relief when I returned various credit card company phone calls and I knew what their next move was going to be.
    We settled $77,500 worth of credit card debt for just under $25,000. Some settlements were even lower than I expected after my conversation with Charles. Others were right at the percentage I expected. All cards were settled a week before charge off.
    Zip Debt gave me the confidence to deal with these big companies and to have some idea of their agenda, procedures, and timelines. I researched other websites that offer resolution to credit card debt and I am convinced Charles offered the best, and most affordable, plan possible.
    Believe what Charles says, he was absolutely perfect.
    Thank you Charles.
    Joe Jeffers

  72. Charle’s program was a godsend. I was thinking of negotiating my own debt settlement but had no idea on where to begin. I was ready to hire a debt settlement company but the more I researched them the more I felt they were shifter then the credit card companies. Through Charles program I was able to negotiate my debt with four banks seven cards) down to 40% of what I Owed. Thanks Charles! It would have been much more difficult to do it without your program.

  73. 1. It’s not rocket science. . .
    2. It’s not for the faint of heart. . .
    3. It’s not possible to do without some professional help.

    I did not know anyone (friends or family) that had the type of CC debt that we had – $90,000. (However on this site I feel like a little guy! 😉

    This debt was crushing my family, $2,000 a month in minimum payments with over $900 of it going to interest.

    I had actually already signed with a debt settlement service and agreed to pay the 15% ($13,500 in the first year)it was a 36 month program. Luckily I was still in the 30 day grace period so I could back out. Charles explained the disasterous results I would have from that time frame and how the service did not really care about my results as they were paid (in FULL) in the first 7-8 months. . .

    The VALUE of Charles program is unparallelled. There are no words to explain how confident you feel once empowered by the “tricks” of the trade as well as having the process layed out as a “path” and watching every thing go just as specifically described by Charles. Not to mention the piece of mind of his “reviews” of the settlement offers to verify that you are not being took by a shady DC Company.

    Charles has a unique perspective as all of his customers (me, you, us) daily updating him on their situations and what their bank cards are offering/saying. He is a central repsitory for this priceless information and can process all of it to give you the best, most informed guidance on your specific situation (as he has already seen the same situation played out somewhere else)

    I bought the program, I am EXTREMELY pleased by the results, and you CAN SETTLE YOUR OWN DEBT, if you follow the advice of Charles/Zipdebt.

    9 cards, over 90K in debt, settled for a smidge over 50%.

    It feels good to be out of debt, better to know you did it yourself.

  74. I definitely agree with the 3 points Rich makes in the beginning of his post above. I heard about debt settlement just about the time one of my creditors raised my minimum payment from $400 to over $1,500/month. I seriously considered attempting the process myself as I was in sales management negotiating large deals before a disability knocked me out of the workforce. I did not realize what a difference it made in the stress levels when it’s your own money you’re negotiating. Many times since, I have thanked my lucky stars that I ran across Charles’ program about the same time. For what the program offered, at the cost of the program, I considered it a no-lose proposition and signed up.

    We had approximately $75,000 on 5 credit cards that had reeled us in on the “zero balance up front” strategy. Unfortunately, when my disability hit, my wife also lost her job around the same time. What was a “sure thing” in paying off the cards quickly and in full became an impossibility. The quadrupling of the minimum payment on our largest card was the final straw.

    With Charles’ consistent, good-humored and INCREDIBLY KNOWLEDGEABLE help, we have settled with all 5 companies in a little less than 7 months for 1/3 of the outstanding balances, all of them in the final days before charge-off. There were many times when I became totally frustrated and Charles was always there to get me quickly back on track and in the right frame of mind. I want to say there were also several times when I was ready to settle, at a higher amount, that Charles recommended holding on a little longer and saved us the price of his course many times over as a result.

    We are now “debt-free” and in much better stead to tackle the challenges of living on a disability income and what’s left of our 401K! I would recommend Charles and his Zipdebt program to anyone trying to tackle the “big guys”—they have ALL the cards going in and the Charles and his program puts you on even, if not better, footing than they are.

    Thanks Charles!!!

  75. If I can do this program, anyone can!! Of course, it would seem easy to hire the ‘other’ guys to do your dirty work, but I found out the hard way that they do NOT deliver what they promise and your final cost is much more than promised! How I wished I had found Charles first!! I was a basketcase doing this myself, but Charles ‘held my hand’ all the way! In 6 short months, I settled 4 accounts totaling $46000 for $16000 for a mere $409 sign on fee with Charles!!
    Charles and company, I am eternally grateful!!!

  76. Most people like myself thought there was no way to negotiate on your own, and we almost hired a debt settlement company. I can’t thank you enough for the empowering information that you wrap up in an easy common sense format to understand and digest. Knowledge is power, and this program has just about everything you need to know to handle things on your own. Charles was always available to talk to us if we had any questions. This program will give you confidence you need to deal with an often intimidating bunch of people. With the knowledge Charles gave us, we would almost laugh at some of the crazy things the collectors would tell us on the phone. You will not regret this purchase, it will put you on the right track, and give you the information you need to succeed. In just over a year we settled $145k debt for 65k (45%) Don’t be intimidated, you can do this with Charles’s help

  77. Like millions of Americans – the credit merry-go-round came to a shuddering halt for me. This happened last August when I tried to make a small online purchase and suddenly discovered that all five of my credit cards were declined as a result of exceeding each card’s limits.

    This also coincided with a reduction of my income as a result of the difficult environment my employer was facing. Through no fault of my own my $27,000 of credit card debt was growing rapidly as a result of penalties tacked on by the issuing banks – seemly at their complete discretion. My rates were escalating to loan shark levels and I had, in effect, either bad credit or no credit. I had a credit noose draped around my neck and someone was yanking on it. I knew that over time this was a scenario that would produce no good outcome. What should I do?

    That’s when I found out about Charles Phelan and his do-it-yourself debt settlement program. For a small investment, combined with renewed financial discipline – I am now entering Spring 2010 with a postive outcome. I’m debt-free.

    You can do it, too. Buy the DVD’s. Listen to them twice. There’s no fluff. You have to pay careful attention to what Charles says but if you follow his advice to the letter there’s a high probability that you can wind up six months later like I did – debt-free. It’s not really that hard. Keep the records he advises. Make proper arrangements for channeling the blizzard of automated debt calls so they don’t become a nuisance (I used a Skype number). Get an efax for receiving you debt settlement letters. And things should work out fine.

    Thank you Charles. You just saved me from passing through the gates of debt hell and I owe you big time.


  78. To show my appreciation to Charles Phelan I am writing on this blog to give tribute to a VERY kind and honest man who REALLY has your best interest at heart. I am a recent (March 2010) Zip Debt Graduate MOST GRATEFUL to Charles Phelan for his truly expert knowledge in getting me to absolute zero debt.

    Nine months ago I was in approximately $77,000 of debt. I almost made the worst mistake of my life by almost signing up with a well known debt settlement company because I didn’t know any better. I knew first hand, off the top, I would be paying this company a 15% ($11,550.) fee to get me out of debt and that ANY and ALL payments of the $730. per month (I was quoted) was going to satisfy this fee FIRST, before even beginning to settle any of my debts which was going to take about 3.5 years.

    Very fortunate for me, just right before I committed to this company, I searched the Internet and found Charles’ Zip Debt DIY Seminar along with one more, sort of a clinic, do it yourself debt settlement company. After reading both sites thoroughly, I felt strongly that Charles Phelan’s Zip Debt company sounded much more honest and sincere. I must admit that his very kind face on the site helped me make up my mind as well. I immediately downloaded the Free 32 page Consumer Report and suddenly new, VERY, VERY clear information was given about all forms of bankruptcy, debt consolidation and debt settlement. For the FIRST time in two years, I really understood in that 32 Page Report, all of the bits and pieces I had been gathering (previously) on all of these subjects and knew exactly what I needed to do.

    I then scheduled my free 20 minute consultation with Charles and after speaking to him on the phone, I knew I was in the right place. I purchased the Debt Settlement Success Seminar, Do-It Yourself Zip Debt Training and Coaching Program for $397. which included six months of unlimited e-mail coaching and letter/document review by Charles (the enhanced program). I listened to the CD’s any chance I had, and was well informed with perfect instruction on what to do. If I had any questions, I e-mailed Charles and he answered me sometimes right away and other times within a couple of hours. His answers were that of a person who knew and remembered my whole history, along with very clear answers on what to do next or what say to creditors.

    I renewed and extended another six months for I believe (less than the initial payment) for $300. and it was worth every dollar. To think I would have PAID that dreadful debt settlement company $11,550, but instead that money went DIRECTLY to settling MY debts!!

    You do need to stop paying your minimums and start saving each month. If you have family and friends who can loan you money, that is the fastest way to get out of debt which, very fortunately for me, I did have this blessing. At the end of the nine months (after I stopped paying my minimums) I am completely DEBT FREE!! I had eight credit cards and this is the order and percentage they settled at: 30%, 30%, 36%, 40%, 30%, 25%, 11% (of $13,432!!) and 50%.

    I feel like a HUGE black MOUNTAIN is OFF of my shoulders never to carry again! I will with great certainty NEVER get into debt again! I truly believe God led me to Charles’ site as I had been praying constantly for help with my huge financial crisis, but I got more than help! I now have zero financial problems what so ever! Thank you Heavenly Father for your abundance of favors and blessings, and thank you especially for Charles.

    I would like to sincerely THANK YOU Charles Phelan for ALL of your expertise help and guidance throughout all of my settlements. You are very much appreciated for your time, expert knowledge and detailed help with my many questions. I have already referred you to one brother and one friend who will contact you when they feel they are drowning enough in debt which I think will be
    rather soon.

    Take care dearest Coach and thank you AGAIN and AGAIN for making me feel VERY SAFE and SECURE in going forward settling ALL of my debts! I will also post this on your blog to show my appreciation.

    Most Sincerely and Most Grateful,

    Lucy E. in California

  79. I am a real estate investor, and I happen to also be an attorney. I had used my credit cards as a tool to help me acquire real estate over more than 25 years and to help subsidize the real estate business expenses once the real estate had been acquired.

    I would buy as much real estate as I could with the help of my credit cards through cash advances, convenience checks, balance transfers, etc., and then cash out refinance the properties and pay down the unsecured debts with the proceeds. There were many times that my credit card debt exceeded $600,000, and then, I would pull money out of the appreciating real estate by way of refinancing to pay the unsecured debt down often to zero.

    Things seemed to be working well until about 18 months ago when there was a huge unexpected expense related to my real estate business in excess of $350,000 at almost exactly the same time that real estate bubble popped. I got caught with very high unsecured debt but the real estate values were way down! There was no way to pull out equity to pay down the debt. I could no longer use the real estate as an ATM.

    Further, rents were way down, vacancies were way up, and expenses were way up. My monthly payments were killing me. The minimum payments on my unsecured debt were killing me fast! It wasn’t even close.

    I was under extreme stress, not sleeping at night. I discovered debt settlement, spoke to many representatives in the industry, was thinking about using a debt settlement company, and I almost did. I searched the internet for some answers in the middle of the night and I discovered Charles, thank God! I was trying to find a seminar or book in the form of audio cd’s that I could listen to that would help solve my problem. I often do this kind of search, but I am never as fortunate to find this perfect an answer.

    I travel a lot in my car over long distances, often on a nine hour trips and sometimes more, and I go on long hikes in the mountains for hours at a time, and I am constantly listening to cd’s of seminars and books, both when traveling and when hiking. Therefore, Charles’ product was perfect for my purposes and my situation. I also feel that as an attorney and someone obviously very familiar with credit cards and credit card products, such as cash advances, convenience checks, balance transfers, etc., I am uniquely qualified in every respect to fully appreciate the accuracy, authenticity and simplicity of his materials. His genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple. His genius is only exceeded by his compassion for the listener, without being judgmental. His cd’s are among the absolute best of anything that I’ve ever listened to, and I‘ve listened to a lot.

    But, not only are his materials excellent as far as the content, they are also soothing, and pacify one’s extreme anxiety during one of the most difficult times in one’s life. I am a “tough” 50 year old, hardened, New Jersey attorney, but I was a stressed out, anxious person, basically a “basket case” when I discovered Charles.

    However, what I thought was going to be the absolute worst time of my life, has actually become kind of fun in a strange way. This is because, every communication from a creditor or collection agency that used to be feared, dreaded and avoided, now represents an opportunity to settle debt at a great discount, decrease my great debt by the amount of the discount, and to work as an apprentice to an absolute master, Charles. It’s like having Michael Jordan on your team, but nobody knows he’s your teammate. As an added benefit to me, I think he’s made me a much better attorney, and I’ve gained a much, much better understanding of the psychology of debts and debt collection as well as negotiation in general.

    Further, not only are the materials (the cd’s and the workbook) spot on accurate and soothing, the coaching is even better, if that‘s possible. In his coaching, through e-mails, he is equally as accurate and as soothing to one’s frazzled nerves. I get excited when I see that he has written back and responded to my e-mail, which he always promptly does.

    Most of the problems in my life have always been about financial issues. Charles’ coaching has given me great comfort. Believe it or not, I am thankful that I encountered these great financial hard times, because they have led me to the path to meeting Charles, who I can now ask questions to help solve most of my financial problems.

    I have read only some (there are so many!) of the other praising comments from the Zip Debt Client Comment Forum, and all of the praising comments are 100% accurate, and not overstatements as they would appear in this world of hyperbolic marketing. He is the real deal. When many others say that Charles has changed their lives, this is, in no way, an overstatement. He has certainly changed mine.

    I have settled a number of accounts at very low percentages, and I have received numerous offers of low settlements on other accounts that I have not yet settled. Therefore, I am in no way through with my journey of debt settlement, and I’m probably not even halfway through, (and I certainly don’t want to jinx anything by “counting my chickens before they’re hatched”), but I am extremely grateful that Charles is there as my mentor to help me through this process, on my side in my corner. The cd’s were spot on accurate and encouraging, the e-mail coaching is equally as accurate and encouraging. I feel I have a world class master by my side to give me advice as I encounter my financial problems as they arise.

    Thank you, Charles. You are one in a billion!

  80. Charles,

    Normally I am not one to gush or frankly even leave a comment on blog such as this. However, in this case I really did want to thank you for a great program.

    Before I found your company I had done some research so I was at least familiar with the concept of settlement and how it might work. However there is no question that your program was the difference that helped me succeed. I gained a much better understanding of my situation and that gave me confidence to act knowing what was coming next. The program was very easy to understand and follow, not to mention thorough. Well done.

    Oh, and how could I forget Delpha. She was GREAT, I really enjoyed working with her. She is a tremendous asset to team! For me, having someone to talk to was a world of help and a real key to my success so three cheers for Delpha.

    I know my situation is not the norm but I went from first contact with your company to all settlements negotiated and completed (documentation included) in less than two week. What more can I say but thanks for helping me get my life back on track!


  81. This is an update to my feed-back, I had left earlier (March 3,2010) on Charles Blog page.

    The question I have for all of us reading this is:

    How can we direct more people to Charles website and assist others who have not found this program and page yet? If there would be a way, that would help Charles create more traffic on his website AND help people in similar debt situations, to NOT fall for the “Debt Relief agencies” that charge unbelievable amounts.

    Here are my earlier comments:


    To everyone out there reading the Blogs from Charles and our comments, I can say from the bottom of my heart that Charles is an excellent straight forward, but at the same time compassionate coach.

    He takes his time to answer people and walks us patiently through our initial ‘jitters’ dealing with the banks. When asked, he even provided me with a few role-play sentences on what to say and what not to say to creditors at any particular time during the negations.

    I have been a very satisfied and content client since about 6 months and the savings I have achieved through his support and excellent timing of his advice are substantial. I am about half-way through with my settlements and ‘together’ we are dealing with 8 different creditors and 15 different accounts. His industry knowledge, intuition and experience “when to do what” are remarkable and spot-on.

    When all this is hopefully over soon, I will make sure to recommend Charles and his excellent material to many people. That is the least I or we could do to somehow try to pay back Charles for all the savings we achieved from his program and advice.

    Thank you Charles, from a grateful satisfied customer.

  82. You can see that Charles doesn’t need any more endorsements! But here’s mine for what it’s worth. Due to the ups and downs of our business and the economy, we accumulated over $200,000 in credit card debt with 20 cards and $4000+ a month in minimum payments. I had a perfect payment record my whole life. But I knew this was the end of the line. After reading up on the internet and calling one of the “scam” companies (and avoiding the trap), I stumbled upon Charles’ website. What a God-send and an answer to to prayers. I knew I was lucky and went for it. Charles was for real and I knew it–this guy knows his stuff, and cares. I went for the full program and it’s totally worth it and more.

    My results: in 9 months I just finished settling my last account. I spent $66,293 to settle $208,435 for a savings of $142,142. My average settlement was just under 32% overall, with some as low as 10%! I couldn’t believe it was possible.

    My advice, follow the program perfectly. Hang in there and realize you are saving at least $1000-$2000 per hour of your time. I’m serious.

    Though I did very well, I could not have done it without Charles’ help. Our phone discussions and email communication kept me perfectly in the loop at all times. I had PEACE OF MIND knowing I had his advice in my back pocket. Patience pays off, and so does the right attitude–which Charles will give you.

    I am totally satisfied with my choice and the program. We have no bankruptcy on our record and will rebuild our credit score in a year or two.

    I highly recommend the program. His email program is great, but if you need to discuss things that are hard to explain in emails, and need the extra support, go for the full program like I did.

    THANK YOU Charles! (Can’t say it enough.) God bless you for all you are doing to help people!

  83. Well, after making major small business investments in 2007 and a cutbacks on my day job and a crashing economy in 2008, I was sinking in 12 credit card company debts. I sought credit counselors help in my area and via the web but something about them never set well with me. I then read an article about Charles’s system on a major networks website. I made the phone call and got a return phone consultation with him and became very confident that I could help relieve my financial distress with his system. I tried it and it worked! I started in July of 2008 and settlements started coming in in November of 2008. I can tell you for sure that his system works!
    Look at these:
    My first was $18,398 settled for $3000 or 16% of the balance, Second $4967 settled for $1050 or 21% of the balance, $17300 settled for $3491 or 21% of the balance, $14993 settled for $5247 or or 35% of the balance, $2801 settled for $1300 or 46% of the balance and $4127 settled for $1886 or 46% of the balance. As you can see some were better than others but overall you can reduce your stress and regain control over you financial position. Everyone posting here wants to pay our obligations, however, sometimes a crisis in a society hurts everyone and their commitments. Thank God that there is help in a time of need, and Charles’s system is one of those that helps!!
    Thanks Charles!!

  84. I want to thank you Charles for helping me settle our 80k of debt. Your program was amazing and you guided us through the whole process effortlessly. I know that I couldn’t have done it without your help. We ended up settling all the debt for about 40%. One of them, a 20k debt, we had to settle at 70%, but in the end it worked out since we had settled most of the other ones at about 30% or less. Thanks Again!

  85. Charles Phalen went into a phone booth, put his cape on and saved the day for my family! When I first realized our debt was spiraling out of control I was numb,I couldn’t get over the shock. Being in our early fifties, this was the first time in 28 years of marriage that we were in financial hot water. The credit card companies extended all kinds of wonderful offers to us, and then started to raise our interest rates. Because of an illness I couldn’t work, so we had to take money out of savings and retirement to keep up. After a couple years of purging our savings and retirement I turned to debt settlement, my wife and I didn’t want to file bankruptcy.
    I talked to several debt settlement companies. They pretty much all said they would negotiate a 3 to 4 year payment plan. By the time you are finished with them you save about 50% of your total debt. The thought of paying $900 to $1000 a month for 4 years did not appeal to us. We wanted something quickerl, so we could get on with our lives. Bankruptcy seemed like the only way.
    Then I found Charles Phelan’s zip debt.com company on the internet. After he explained how the debt settlement companies operate I was happy I didn’t sign up with them. They’ll take the first several months of your payments to collect their fees, so you don’t start paying the creditors til several months have gone by. He further explained by then some of the credit card companies will be suing you, or many people give up and file bankruptcy because the monthly payment is unsustainable. He would teach me how to negotiate with the credit card companies myself.
    It was the best move I ever made financially in my life. The zip debt system is affordable and it works! We saved over $60,000 off our debt, well under the 50% the settlement companies promised. The system was simple to follow, and Charles is there to help get you through the fear and doubt everyone has during the process. Now, after only 6 months I’ve arranged lump sum payments with all our creditors. We will have everything paid off in 3 months. My wife and I are so thankful this episode in our lives will be over soon. The zip debt do-it-yourself system is without a doubt a winner! We highly recommend the zip debt do-it-yourself system.
    Thanks Charles!

  86. Charles Phalen went into a phone booth, put his cape on and saved the day for my family! When I first realized our debt was spiraling out of control I was numb,I couldn’t get over the shock. Being in our early fifties, this was the first time in 28 years of marriage that we were in financial hot water. The credit card companies extended all kinds of wonderful offers to us, and then started to raise our interest rates. Because of an illness I couldn’t work, so we had to take money out of savings and retirement to keep up. After a couple years of purging our savings and retirement I turned to debt settlement, my wife and I didn’t want to file bankruptcy.
    I talked to several debt settlement companies. They pretty much all said they would negotiate a 3 to 4 year payment plan. By the time you are finished with them you save about 50% of your total debt. The thought of paying $900 to $1000 a month for 4 years did not appeal to us. We wanted something quickerl, so we could get on with our lives. Bankruptcy seemed like the only way.
    Then I found Charles Phelan’s zip debt.com company on the internet. After he explained how the debt settlement companies operate I was happy I didn’t sign up with them. They’ll take the first several months of your payments to collect their fees, so you don’t start paying the creditors til several months have gone by. He further explained by then some of the credit card companies will be suing you, or many people give up and file bankruptcy because the monthly payment is unsustainable. He would teach me how to negotiate with the credit card companies myself.
    It was the best move I ever made financially in my life. The zip debt system is affordable and it works! We saved over $60,000 off our debt, well under the 50% the settlement companies promised. The system was simple to follow, and Charles is there to help get you through the fear and doubt everyone has during the process. Now, after only 6 months I’ve arranged lump sum payments with all our creditors. We will have everything paid off in 3 months. My wife and I are so thankful this episode in our lives will be over soon. The zip debt do-it-yourself system is without a doubt a winner! We highly recommend the zip debt do-it-yourself system.
    Thanks Charles!

  87. I am free – I am free – God almighty, I am free at last! Free of Debt. Last payment out today. Within 13 months of using the tools provided by the zip debt do-it-yourself program (and the great support of Charles), I have eliminated $96,684 of debt. This was accomplished by paying $31,705 to my creditors for a savings of $64,979. The average settlement for the majority of my creditors was 29%. One of the higher-balanced creditors was above that percentage but even the creditor’s representative could not believe that his company settled with me for the amount I offerred.

    At the time I started with Charles, I did not know how I was going to solve my debt problem. I am self employed and business was slow. I was very close to signing with an attorney to handle the problem for me. They indicated that they could get settlements quickly and the cost to me was approximately $5,000. I did not have the $5,000 to give them so they said I could owe it to them. I did not like that arrangement since I would be incurring more debt. I found the zip debt do-it-yourself system while doing a search on the Internet. I had the intitial interview with them and signed up. I faithfully employed the tools provided and spoke with Charles during all of the major stages of settlement. During and after each stage, the results were exactly as the zip debt program indicated they would be. I kept very good records of each telephone conversation and referred to those records each time I had contact with a creditor. Many of the creditors indicated to me that they would work with me to help settle my account versus working with an attorney if I had gone that route. I had a set theme each time I spoke with a creditor and most of the time they only wanted to know if anything changed since the last time I spoke with them. Only once, was it necessary to hang up the phone with one particular individual.

    In writing this testimonial, I am not sure it is important to try and explain how I got into the mess that I was in. The fact was, I was in it and could not see a way out. Charles was able to help me “Stop the Bleeding” and work on solving the problem. I recommend this to Program as well as the support of Charles.

  88. I was very skeptical about purchasing Charles program because of all the negative publicity I saw on TV and in print about debt negotiating companies basically ripping people off. I lumped anyone selling a program like the one Charles was offering, in with those other rip off artists preying on folks going through the financial heartache this economy has brought to so many of us. After contacting an attorney and receiving an estimate of several thousand dollars to represent me in negotiating settlements with my creditors, I decided spending $397.00 for the “Charles Phelan’s Debt Settlement Success Seminar” should at least pay for itself if I could settle just one of seven outstanding credit card debts I was facing. If it didn’t, I figured I was only out $397.00 instead of thousands. My objective was to avoid bankruptcy at all costs, if possible, but if I couldn’t settle my debts on my own, then bankruptcy was a last resort that would still be available. Incidentally the majority of attorney’s I spoke with ( I called four before I found one willing to do negotiations to settle my debts) encouraged me to file bankruptcy and forget about trying to settle my debts.

    I received Charles program at the end of May 2010. I followed his program to the letter. Charles e-mail responses to my many questions were all answered promptly and effectively, as he promised to do. Today is December 2, 2010, and I received a final fax from my last creditor settling my $6600.00 debt with them, for $1500.00. They are giving me 3 months to pay this amount.

    All totaled, I have settled $59,000.00 of (7) credit card debts, for a total of $22,000.00 which is roughly 35% of the total amount. The actual percentages varied from about 20% all the way up to one account for $12,000.00 that would not settle for anything less than 50% of the balance. With that one exception, all the other accounts settled between 20-35% of the total balance, and I did this in less than 6 months!

    Charles is the real deal. I can’t thank him enough for the valuable guidance he provided on exactly what I needed to do with each response I received from my creditors in the negotiating process. I must tell you I was very nervous in the beginning, and I’m sure some of the collectors picked up on that, and tried to exploit it with intimidation and other tricks of their trade. The great news here is that Charles was in the “collection” business for many years. He knows all the tricks. He tells you exactly what to do and what to say with every situation that comes up. I became so confident with his help, that I didn’t even need to consult him on my final 2 credit card settlements. I did them completely by myself. I learned to speak in a way that gave me the power in the negotiation process. It’s a power Charles will show you, you already have. It makes you the David against the BIG GOLIATH of the credit collectors. In fact I just used my newfound abilities to negotiate by negotiating an excellent deal on a room at a 5 star hotel, over the Thanksgiving holiday, for a 3 star price! I can’t believe how easy it is for me now to ask, AND RECEIVE, discounts and other goodies when dealing with anything from consumer goods to automobiles. I would have never tried these things a year ago.

    Let me be clear, I am by no means living large, as they say. My credit problems began a year ago when I became disabled and I began robbing Peter to pay Paul so to speak. I am 63 years old, and have had excellent credit all of my life. I missed 2 mortgage payments because of circumstances beyond my control at that time, and my entire world began to fall apart. The first thing my creditors did was lower my available credit to the amount I owed them. This caused a debt ratio that all but destroyed my credit rating. It didn’t matter that I had excellent credit all those years (40 years with one of the creditors) they all decided I was a risk, and dropped me like a hot potato. While I was able to work out a solution with my mortgage servicer, the credit card collectors were not as cooperative in the beginning. I am fortunate that I have family, as well as a retirement fund that I was able to draw from through all these negotiations. There was no way for me to pay all of them what they wanted, so finding, and implementing Charles program was a Godsend. (Even if you don’t have a retirement fund like I did, to draw from, Charles shows you how to build funds specifically for settlements, in his program) I will be debt free as far as credit cards, with my final payment to my last creditor in February 2011. I will still have money in my retirement account, I will keep my home, and will now be able to live on the reduced income I have because of my disability. I obviously won’t be living like I was, but I’m not $59,000.00 in debt anymore either. I thank you Charles with all my heart for all your help. You are someone who genuinely cares about helping your fellowman, and for that I will be forever grateful. God bless you, and thank you again.



  89. I am grateful that I found Charles Phelan and zipdebt.com. Researched many of the Debt Settlement companies and was leaning toward using one of them. Only kept feeling that how can I trust these companies that are promising so much and asking for so much money up front. Also found information that kept saying the any individual could settle their debts themselves, but I needed more details on the whole process. Then I found zipdebt.com, and it seemed just what I was looking for, but still was not sure. So I initially, only ordered the CD training material without any support to see what type of information was provided. As soon as I listened to the CD training material I know this was the way for me to resolve our financial situation. We purchased a year of email and phone support from Charles and I can promise you that was a very good decision. The value that Charles provided is far greater the cost he charges. He helped us save tens of thousands of dollars.

    It was August 2009 when we started working with Charles. The spring of 2009 my wife lost her job and it took months for her to get a new job making half the salary. Over the years we had let the credit card balances grow but felt that we could manage it, that is until she lost her good paying job. I still had my job which covered everything except the credit card payments, so we realized that we had to stop making the credit card payments. Before this we had excellent credit score and always had made payment on time for years. Only when we stop making payments none of the options from the banks were viable, we had to find another option (other than bankruptcy). Settling the accounts with the help from Charles was the solution.

    We had a total of 10 credit card accounts with a total balance of about $120K. We settled 9 of the accounts before charge off (within 6 months). The settlements ranged from 30% to 45% of the total balance. We had one account that the bank would not settle. We had to let it go past charge off and then after a year, it finally was assigned to an in state attorney, and then we were able to work out a settlement at 60%. Every step of the way Charles was there to provide us the detailed information and guidance that we needed.

    This was not an easy process. Dealing with these companies was hard. Believe me there was many times that I had knocks in my stomach when I had to call the banks, but with Charles guidance it gave me the strength and know how to deal with the banks and what to say and not to say.

    It is such a good feeling that all these debts are settled and do not have to deal with any of the credit card companies. To come up with the settlement amounts we did have to borrow from my 401K and borrow from two of my relatives, but they will be paid off within a year and at that point that original $120K debt will be gone.

  90. My last credit card account settlement was just approved! I cried with relief. My original total was $150,441 and Charles helped me achieve 37% of that – $56,217. I had some tough accounts, too, with very high balances. Charles answered every question thoroughly and promptly.

    My sress over this process was about a ONE (low) on a scale of 1-10. All because he gave me explicit instructions which I followed to the letter.

    Charles also gave expected scenarios (ex: “If they do X, then you do Y”). This relieved most of my stress because my fear level was almost nonexistent. Charles is a MASTER at this, and CARES very much about his clients. I am GRATEFUL that I found his package and followed his program. I am now CELEBRATING my FREEDOM!

    “Thank you” just doesn’t seem to cover it. Charles saved my financial health, while I continue to recover from adverse side effects from an overdose of chemotherapy – and save my physical health.

    Charles, you’re a rock star!
    May you be blessed for the work you do for others.

  91. It has taken me a long time to get around to posting but 2010 was a banner year for us. We started the year with over $90,000 in credit card debt spread over 3 cards. I started this journey in January from information that I found online and talked to one of those companies that do it for you and wanted to charge upfront. I did the first one on my own, a $16,429. I offered them $8800 and they took it. It was then that I found Charles. (wish I had found him before offering that!!) I bought his materials with coaching included. I would do it again in a heartbeat! Over the next months he walked me through negotiating on a $15386 card balance and the big one at $57028. The stress of the phone calls stopped.. (that was the worst) The scripts to talk to the credit card reps worked and I was able to relax while going through the process and getting myself back on track elsewhere. Exactly on que I received a letter from the first one offering to settle at 20% .. the big one $11405. The smaller one sent an identical letter a week later at 25% or $3846. Even with the one that I did on my own at the higher rate I settle all of it saving $64786. I cannot tell you how it feels to be debt free and planning on staying that way forever. Thank you Charles and I am sorry it took so long to write this. Anyone drowning in debt, please consider giving this a try. You won’t regret it. The initial conversation is free and you will soon see how much help Charles is. I would also recommend going for the package that includes coaching. I could turn to Charles for help whenever I needed it. Peace of mind.

  92. Charles’ program is the perfect tool to help you settle your unsecured debts. Please believe me I researched them all. I didn’t want to go it alone, but I also didn’t want to turn my affairs completely over to a debt settlement company. Charles’ program was the perfect balance.

    Over the years I had accumulated a little over $125,000 in credit card debt with seven different accounts. The minimum payments had increased to the point where I was going to go bankrupt if I continued trying to pay them. I bought Charles’ program and between listening to the program and my one on one consultation with him I learned all I needed to know about how to settle this debt on my own. The added benefit of being able to email Charles when I had questions was invaluable. I settled the debt myself, but Charles was right by my side coaching me all the way.

    I just settled my last account last week. Through using the techniques in Charles’ program and his continued support throughout I settled the $125,000 debt for just $47,084 or 37.6%. I eliminated $77,916 in credit card debt by following Charles’ program. I still have a hard time believing it.

    I have and will continue to recommend Charles’ program to anyone considering debt settlement. To me this program is the only way to go.

  93. Charles,

    I just felt compelled to leave a testimonial after all of the helpful coaching you gave to me. By following your instructions, I was able to settle a $7,000 credit card account for $2,100 and a $18,850 account for $3,500. Thanks again Charles for all of your help!

  94. Charles,

    As you know, I’m just wrapping up settling my $275,000 in credit card debts for $100,000 (that’s 36.5%)! Wow!!

    All I can say is … thank you, thank you, thank you! I am SO GLAD I didn’t go with a debt settlement company, as I almost did last year. Finding your website was a godsend. Your CDs were great, and your “inside skinny” (at this website) on the various creditors and their settlement ranges, was right on the money. Your one-on-one coaching by email was also superb. So thank you again.

    And all the best to you and yours!

  95. Thanks to Charles, I have just settled the last of 5 credit card accounts today. I can honestly say that I NEVER could have done this without Charles’ program. I am a financial professional, so the information provided on the CD’s made perfect sense to me. Armed with inside information and knowing what to expect from creditors, I went about settling my accounts with confidence and a lack of fear. It was almost comical to experience the situation play out exactly how Charles said it would.

    I am so pleased with my final results. I was already a couple of months behind on my credit card payments when I discovered Charles’ program. I made my very first call to my first creditor exactly 4 months ago today, and I ultimately settled $94,691 in debt for a total of $34,025 (36%). I will be eternally grateful to Charles for helping me take control of my financial future.

    I just can’t say enough about how wonderful Charles and his program are. I will definitely be recommending this program to any of my friends who find themselves in a similar situation.

  96. Charles,
    I was on the road for 2 years and my wife was handling the bills. She told me they were paid but she did not tell me they were late. As a result all of the credit cards reached 29.99% APR. We eventually separated and then divorced (not because of this) and I took over the bills. Not only did I have to pay on my cards but also had a court order to pay off three of her credit cards (in her name only). I made more than minimum payments and before the due date for a year and the credit card companies would not lower the interest rates – no matter what! I had to pay her cards but was not going to continue to pay mine as they basically lied to me when they said they would lower the rates after I made on time payments. I couldn’t handle any more so I started looking into advertized debt settlement and actually talked with two companies when I decided to check ‘Consumers Reports’ on this matter. I read some negative reports and also found your advertisement. I started your course in April 2010 and the process of no payments with my cards. I was scared at first but kept listening to your CDs and was in the driver’s seat after a couple of calls. I settled my credit cards for 30% and had them paid off by December 2010, giving me the opportunity to pay more on her cards. In April 2011 I got a Capital One credit card ($500 limit) to help start rebuilding my credit and paid it off every month and finally paid off the IRS. In July I was scheduling an aggressive pay off for the last $4,100.00 on my ex-wife’s last card and decided to talk with my bank about a Line of Credit or a Credit Card so this amount would help my credit. Not expecting any answer soon, I was surprised when I qualified for a credit card in less than 5 seconds with a limit high enough to pay off her card. So here are the figures: In August of 2010 I owed $44,539.00 at an average APR of 29.99%. In August of 2011 I owe $3,600.00 with a 0% APR. This would not have been possible without your program and assistance.
    Thank you soooo much,

    Dave Freeman
    ‘Happy Camper’

  97. Thanks so much for this wonderful service. The information and
    coaching you provide on debt settlement is invaluable. I had no idea
    debt settlement was even an option until I stumbled across your
    website. I couldn’t have gone through this process and received the
    desired results without your coaching. I will be sure to spread the
    word about Zip Debt to anyone I come across who may be in the same
    situation in WAS in.

  98. Charles,
    We are extremely grateful to you for your guidance. Your outlines gave us a basis for when to talk, what to say (and what not to say), and how to talk with creditors. Your outlines and CD’s gave us confidence that we could actually take on and be successful in the task, as well as give suggestions we found most helpful. We followed the plan you outlined and it was amazing how well it worked.

    Having great guidance is helpful and greatly appreciated, but nothing can take the place of results. Our total credit card debt was $153,334. The total settlement amount was $51,283, or 33.45%. We had 15 cards with 5 creditors. The individual settlements ranged from 25% to 50%. While each creditor was different, we found similar settlements within each creditor.

    Our life is now manageable. We have all the unsecured debt settled, we can focus on maintaining timely payments on secured debt and ongoing expenses. Thank you for help in making life manageable and for such great stress relief. If we can ever be of help to you in helping others, feel free to contact us.

  99. This ZipDebt Program is real and works. Charles Phelan assistant, Delpha Renard is an excellent coach.

    I was one of the victims of the downfall of the real estate economy.
    It came to a point where I depleted my savings paying my bills including my credit card bills. My only income was from my Social Security and small pension. I was thinking of filing bankruptcy but decided to search for information on credit cards & debt settlement buying about 5 books until one of the books by Curtis Arnold mentioned about ZipDebt “which offers an impressive one-year money back guarantee on any of its three Do-It-Yourself Debt Negotiation Training & Coaching Programs”. I went to the ZipDebt website and started reading d the programs and the testimonials and saw the most reassuring “BBB logo”. I order the free report and scheduled a free 20-minute consultation with Charles Phelan. I explained to him my situation and he explained to me what is needed to make the settlement program successful. I ordered the Premium Program because I need the Phone consultation. I got a call from Delpha Renard, Charles Assistant and she took over as my coach. I listened to the CD’s at least 3 times and then called Delpha on something I don’t understand. I had 4 credit cards and I was so scared the first time I called the credit card company. I followed the program but made an exemption by calling Delpha first and have a question and answer session to prepare a game plan. I was so impressed how her coaching tips were so precised that the results of my negotiations were just like she predicted. It took my fear and apprehension of negotiating with the credit card companies.

    I had approx. $53,000.00 in credit card debt. I settled approx. $45,000 at 25% and approx. $8,000 at 50%. All of these were settled within 4 months and paid within 6 months.

    Thank you Charles. Thank you Delpha.

  100. I am so grateful and so impressed by what Charles has done for me that I wanted to share my story in the event that others find themselves in a similar situation.

    I thought I had my life pretty well under control until the summer of 2008 when I moved across the country, bought a condo and took on a new job. Then a number of things happened:

    1. My new job did not begin for 4 months
    2. The renter in my rental property lost his job and I was required to make that house payment in addition to the payment on my own newly purchased condo.
    3. I began to used credit cards and lines of credit to pay the bills.
    4. To reduce my cash drain, I had to sell my rental property at the worst possible time and lost all my equity in it.
    5. I was barely getting by when the final shoe dropped and my job was terminated in 2010.

    I had no idea what to do about the credit card and line of credit debt and thought my only answer was bankruptcy. However, a close friend found out about Charles and his debt settlement service on the internet. After listening to the siren song of debt settlement firms, I was still dubious but my friend insisted and offered to pay for the program.

    That is when my life began to turn around. I listened to all of the discs in the program carefully — more than once and did what was suggested (e.g. getting a separate telephone line (magic jack), a JF TECK programmable caller ID controller, making regular calls to my creditors, keeping them informed of my situation). I also upgraded to the personal service and was so glad I did because I used it with every creditor. I usually e-mailed Charles and always had a response within 24 hours as to whether to accept the offer or how to push for a better deal. I originally had six creditors and Charles told me I could keep one current so as to have a credit line when I finished settling with the others.

    I have just settled with the last of the five in less than two years. My total debt with the five was almost $100,000 and I settled for about $35,000 with settlements ranging from 20% to 50%. I feel good that, even though I was unable to repay my full debt, I was able to repay something and avoid bankruptcy. Of course, my credit score went down to the 500’s, but it is already back up to the mid-600’s. I was unemployed for a year, but found a new job in Jan, 2011 and am getting my life back in order. I cannot recommend Charles and his service highly enough.

  101. Dear Charles,

    THANK YOU!!!

    I have successfully finished settling all of my credit card debt!

    I decided to settle my last card, which was being handled by a debt collection agency, for a relatively high amount of 57% so that I could begin to start rebuilding my credit. This is something I am eager to do. Here is the summary of my results:

    Total beginning credit card debt: $136K
    Total balances at settlement: $148K
    Cash required to settle all accounts: $55K
    Average Settlement: 41.6% of beginning balances, 37% of ending balances
    Cash saved from Beginning Balances: $82K
    Total estimated savings: $112K (based on $30K savings from interest payments)

    The total estimated savings is very conservative – it is based on maintaining most of my low APR’s for at least 3-4 years, being able to make all of my payments, and getting paid well for several years, and being able to put all of my savings to my credit card debt. That would have been extremely difficult to achieve, so total saving are very likely higher.

    Your excellent advice and guidance was a tremendous help to both myself and my wife. I discovered your program in mid 2009 and starting putting the plan into motion then. Shortly afterwards, my wife was diagnosed with advanced cancer and she spent the next year undergoing chemotherapy, radiation and major surgery. Because of your help, we no longer condsidered our credit card debt a problem because we had an action plan, and we were working on it. We were able to focus on getting her better. I cannot imagine how stressful that period would have been if we had to deal with crushing credit card debt and my wife’s health issues. It is absolutely impossible to put a $ number on this. Today, thankfully, with the help of some amazing doctors, my wife is cancer free and recovering well.

    One of my primary concerns was what kind of impact this approach would have on my credit score, and how long would the adverse impact last. Amazingly, because I now have zero credit card debt, my credit score is already recovering. I recently opened two new credit card accounts, and my credit score is already average (670 to be precise).

    There is no way to properly thank you for helping us through what I hope is the darkest period of our married life. If you ever come to NYC, we would love to meet you.

    Warmest Regards,

  102. For my wife and I, Charles Phelan’s Zip Debt delivered exactly what he advertised: expert advice that helped us — his well-informed clients — settle debts for less than 30% of our outstanding balances. Due to medical issues and loss of income we owed approx $110,000 on a total of eight different credit card accounts. The Zip Debt approach was laid out clearly in the written and recorded materials and with Charles’ immediate and confident advice on questions about our particular circumstances, we followed it as precisely as possible. Charles was consistently available, prompt in his replies to us and extremely accurate in his predictions of how our negotiations with creditors would play out. When we were in a time-sensitive situation, he offered a way to meet our need for communication and support. It astonished us to see our negotiations play out almost exactly as his counsel indicated it would. In truth, we did better than he predicted in almost every negotiation. I attribute this to the understanding of the credit card industry that we developed by taking him at his word, and to how closely Charles worked with us at critical junctures in the process. At the same time, he was never over-reaching in his statements or advice. He just plain knows the field and was modest and honorable in all his statements to us about it. I can not imagine a better guide to the debt settlement process.

    Thank you, Charles.


  103. Thank you so much Charles for helping me navigate my way through credit card settlements. You and Delpha were professional and guided me every step of the way. I was very pleased with all my settlements and I estimate you helped me save over $30,000.00. I would highly recommend your service to anyone! Thanks Again!

  104. The Zipdebt program worked very well for me and my wife. We were $35k in debt to various credit cards, and now, at the end of the 6 month program, we have settled all our accounts for a average of a little under 45% of our debt. Charles has been very helpful and quick to respond via email whenever we had any questions. The quality of the program materials were very high, crystal clear, and they did a superb job of preparing us for the negotiation process. We would unreservedly recommend the Zipdebt program to anyone who is struggling with paying their debts.

  105. Where do I begin… Had a business investment go south on me due to a crooked business partner. All the money to fund the startup was on credit and I was left holding the bag. Ended up being $100,000 in debt with nowhere really to turn, and I did not want to claim bankruptcy, because I knew i’d end up paying most of all of it back anyways since I have a decent income. Doing some web searches on debt settlement led me Charles. At first I was skeptical, thinking this was some sort of Carlton Sheets like seminar or something. I scoured google to find negative reviews of the program, but I couldn’t find any. I looked up Charles’s BBB rating to see if it was in fact what he said it was (and it was). I figured hell, I’m 100K in debt, what’s another 1000, especially if there is a money back guarantee if it doesn’t work. So I bought the program and followed it as best I could. I was really pleasantly surprised by the responsiveness and attention I received from Charles and his assistant, Delpha. He gave me a coaching session and off I went. Between days 90 and 180 of the program (completely normal) the settlements started rolling in. I had 7 cards. 4 of them settled for 30%, two for 40%, and one for 50% saving me about 60,000. The uncanny part of it was that everything went down EXACTLY like the program said it was going to. This guy knows his stuff, there is no doubt about that. Time after time, he was proven correct (I was still skeptical even after the first settlement). I can’t say enough good about Charles and his company. I get emails responded to within 24 hours. They call when they say they are going to. It really is refreshing. To all your doubters out there. Trust this random guy on the interwebs and do this program if you have a lot of debt. You will not regret it.

  106. I’m going to recommend anyone that is deep in credit card debt to take up on Zipdebt coaching. Dealing with creditors can be a scary thing but not when you have Zipdebt on your side. I saved thousands of dollars with Charles guidance. So don’t think about it any longer and just do it. It’s money well invested.

  107. Charles is a Master at what he does!! As as former financial “insider” he understands mysterious loaner/debtor relationship intimately. A master financial educator, he helped us level the playing field w/ big banks, walked us thru his guiding principles, so we were able to navigate the intentionally “murky” waters of credit card debt collection with a newly discovered consumer leverage we never thought we had, and the banks did not want us to know about.

    Bottom line: we saved approximately 80% on all but one credit card debt. Last but not least and just as Charles predicted, the last battle was the most difficult. But, so we’re moving month by month to the finish line with managing a negotiated interest free monthly payment that would not have covered the monthly interest on the original loan.

    We are forever “indebted” to you… Thank you, Charles!!!

  108. The zipdebt program worked perfectly for us. In 2010 me and my wife’s combined credit card debt was over $85,000 and today it is zero. We settled eight cards for an average of 23%. Amazing! I followed Charles directions to a tee. I told Charles at one point it was like having the other teams play book. I knew exactly what the card companies were going to do next. I waited to post until I saw how quick our credit recovered. Today our credit score has recoved to just under 700 and we were able to refiance our house at a 3.8% interest rate. I have no idea what we would have done without Charles. Can not thank Charles enough!

  109. Charles’ program is a lifesaver. I began the program with about $40,000 in credit card debt that ballooned to $45,552.15 and I was able, with the training, assistance, and coaching ZipDebt provides, to put all of that to bed once and for all for $14,811.00, an overall settlement percentage of 32.51%! Charles’ program turned a very bad financial situation post-divorce into probably the best financial situation I’ve been in. If you find yourself in a debt hole and something’s happened where you can’t find your way out, look into ZipDebt now; it’s the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself.

  110. Charles Phelan’s program is definitely the best one out there. My wife and I were in our mid sixties when we were devastated by the the recent financial crisis. Because of our age and state of health, the crisis was too much to weather. Bankruptcy was not acceptable as we had always maintained excellent credit keeping our debts down and paying all our bills on time. I decided to look into debt settlement as a viable option and must have researched every online program before finally enlisting the services of Charles Phelan. The initial consultation was highly informative and comprehensive. The coaching was ongoing and reassuring and resulted in total debt eduction of better than 65% with a cost that was just a fraction of other debt reduction programs. I heartily recommend Charles Phelan’s do-it-yourself debt elimination program to anyone looking for an honorable alternative to bankruptcy, especially senior citizens with limited options.

  111. Like most clients posting here our excellent credit was hit by the economy. We talked with a bankruptcy attorney but we had too much equity to throw away. Research, hours and hours of research convinced us that Zipdebt was the way to go. We paid $1,200 and never looked back. We were thinking the money could be used to pay off some of our debt but decided it was a good investment. Wow, was it ever a good investment.

    At first we dreaded the phone calls. We decided to have a positive attitude and answered all calls. It paid off and the callers were actually very pleasant. Over six months of calls we only had to tell two callers they were rude and hung up on them. The closer to six months you will find the callers become very friendly and keep in touch with their latest offers. We were scared to death as we had no money to settle with. Keep a positive attitude and keep thinking things will improve. They do. Ask anyone and everyone to help. Swallow your pride and find money to settle with. We never dreamed my brother had any assets to help us with. However, we told him we were willing to pay 10% for $50,000 over four years. 10% is nothing when we can save $225,000. I will get to that later. Anyway, he checked with his financial adviser and he agreed that taking money from his retirement fund was in his best interest. I was riding to a meeting with a person I only met two months earlier when my brother called and asked how much money I needed. $50,000 or even $100,000 was available. While my new friend was listening he saw an opportunity. I couldn’t believe it when he said that if my brother didn’t come through he would. I’m convinced he meant it as he asked me several times if I still needed money. Hang in there and never give up.

    Now for the good part. We settled $300,000 for $75,000, 26%. What scared us the most was the possibility of judgments. The biggest worry was a $100,000 line of credit. We thought they would take us to court rather than settle. Surprise, they were the first to offer to settle. $25,000 to settle $100,000. Cool. After the happy dance we went out to eat to celebrate. Soon our local restaurant hostess would see us walk in and ask if we settled another one.

    We feel that our hardship letter helped us get the best results. We explained our health issued and they seemed to listen. Going from $10,000 a month to credit cards to no credit card payments in six months is phenomenal. Our life has changed.

    Now we need to rebuild our credit. Again, research the internet. Secured loans and secured credit cards seem to be the best. Check them out. One other thing, we were told by the credit card companies that if we turned our accounts over to a debt settlement company they would not have talked with them. They want to deal with their customers not third party representatives. We called Charles our coach. Invest with Charles and let him be your coach. Good luck.

  112. Over a period of nearly 20 years my wife and I managed to build up and carry an increasing amount of credit card debt. Fortunately we both had good jobs and were able to keep making the minimum payments, but that only made the problem worse as our good credit rating allowed us to build up more and more debt. Eventually it became difficult to maintain even the minimum payments and we didn’t know how we could ever manage to get out from under all the debt we had foolishly accumulated over the years.

    After seeing it mentioned in an online forum (I don’t remember where now) I decided to look into the ZipDebt program. After checking out the free information on the website I went ahead with the free consultation to see if the program might work for us. This turned out to be the best decision we ever made.

    Here’s the bottom line – Charles’ ZipDebt program WORKS! We started the program in August, 2011, reached our first settlement two months later, and closed our final settlement in May, 2012. In less than a year we were able to settle $85,000 worth of debt on 12 different credit cards for just over $28,600 (a rate of 33.6%). Charles advice throughout this process was invaluable, he always knew what settlements were possible with each lender or agency, and everything went exactly as he said it would. I was actually surprised at how simple the process was in most cases, with Charles’ advice I was able to get the best possible settlement offers from most of our lenders without too much difficulty. In the end we reduced our monthly expenses by over $2,000 per month ($1,500 of which was wasted as finance charges) and now we have the money on hand to purchase what we need without resorting to credit cards.

    If you’re looking for a way out from under your debt without resorting to bankruptcy I urge you to contact Charles and see what his program can do for you. I’m glad every day that we did, he saved us far more than the cost of the program, and the peace of mind is priceless.

  113. I was faced with $55,000 of credit card debt on 16 credit cards. After being laid off from my well-paying job, it was becoming extremely difficult to make the minimum payments. I searched for a solution that would avoid bankruptcy. I stumbled upon ZipDebt’s website. After doing a good amount of research, it looked like a reasonable approach to rid myself of this pile of credit card debt. Since I had a severance sum of money to work with, I proceeded with the ZipDebt plan. Keep in mind, I am not the smooth talking salesman type of person and had some doubts about whether I could succeed at tackling the negotiating process. After going through Charles’ CD’s several times, I began the process of settling these accounts in March of 2012 and finished my last settlement in August of 2012. With Charles’ coaching on how to deal with each credit card/collection agency, I was amazed at how well I was able to negotiate settlements under 50% and with many at 30%. I highly recommend using the ZipDebt method to bring back financial peace of mind and stop the endless barely living paycheck to paycheck treadmill way of life. My credit rating is already back in the good range. I can’t thank Charles enough for all the help he provided and hope others will check out the ZipDebt method to find financial peace of mind as I did.

  114. I can attest to Charles being a very honest person. He called me today for a consultation and, knowing that he would NOT make a dime off me, he actually advised me that in my particular case, bankruptcy could be a better option than a settlement. He really seemed to care about helping me to achieve the best outcome for myself, and I appreciate his expertise and guidance so much. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much Charles. If for any reason it seems like bankruptcy is not the best option, and I should go with a debt settlement, I will be ordering your program for SURE!!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  115. I was left with a lot of debt after my divorce that I could not afford in order to keep up with the mortgage and child support I needed to pay. This is why I turned to Charles and his debt relief program.

    Charles and the material he presents is absolutley top-notch. Everything unfolded for my situation exactly as Charles indicated it would.

    I would highly recommend this program to everyone out there in a financial crisis based on the great course material and fantastic customer service I received. Thank you Charles!!!

  116. Being lucky enough to find a Charles Phelan through Google was literally a lifesaver. With so many scams out there it is obvious that I was skeptical at the beginning but your homework starts by reading the dozen of pages with great information he’s posted online to see that all makes sense and that this system has what you need to succeed. Before finding Charles I called a debt settlement office and I felt like when I go to buy a new car. They all are sharks. I made the mistake to give them my number and they wouldn’t stop calling me to invite me to their “settlement program.” Yeah right.

    Doing it yourself is the ticket, but you will need LOTS of advice from someone who knows and that person is Charles Phelan. The cost of his coaching will save you at least ten-fold the amount when you learn to negotiate yourself. Doing it yourself gives you a sense of empowerment that will help you through the process.

    I was lucky to talk to Charles. It isn’t easy. This isn’t a magical wand. You have to do the work yourself, but if you follow his advice you will succeed. I have to say that I never thought I could get rid of $100,000 of debt I had just a year ago. I was drowning in it. I settled for roughly 40% of what I owed in average. Charles’ help gave me my life back. He was always available. I followed his advice religiously. He knows his stuff. Thank you, thank you Charles!!!

  117. Charles,

    First let me tell you how pleased I am with your “coaching” service.  Your service has exceeded my expectations.  Not only have you helped me save money which paid for your fee many times over but you always respond in a timely and professional manner.  I feel you also help me get through the psychological stress of defaulting on debt for the first time in 63 years by keeping me on an even keel.  You keep the emotion out of the negotiation process and coach me to keep the debt settlement process a “business” deal and not an end of the world emotional upheaval like it could appear without you.

    Thanks seems like not enough!

  118. I just wanted to comment and thank you again for your help Charles. I am so SO thankful that google led me to you and I will continue to spread the word about your blog and about zipdebt. Thank you for being kind enough to listen to me and helping me out. I will be forever grateful! I wish you the best.THANK YOU CHARLES!

    Warm Regards,

    Lynette E.

  119. I used Charles’ system in 2011 (see May 22, 2011 post), and settled a ton of debt for about 37%. I just wanted to report that earlier this year (2013), my credit score was back up to 700. (I did have a car loan and several mortgages that weren’t touched during the debt settlement, and that helped with the recovery.)

    But I’m still so impressed at what a useful tool Charles’ do-it-yourself program and coaching were. I hope many many more people take advantage of the program, instead of shelling out so much for the other guys.

  120. I can’t believe that just one year ago I was checking out this site, looking for answers. I couldn’t imagine ever letting myself miss a credit card payment. However, like so many before me I was nearing the end of the rope.

    What kept holding me back was “protecting my perfect credit.” With Charles’ help I got over that and starting thinking about my financial future.

    One year later I have settled over $102K in credit card debt for 34%. The added benefit was that once I let the credit score obsession go, I realized I could qualify for a hardship program for refinancing my house. My payments are now reduced by 25% with potential for more savings in a month or two.

    I wanted to write this as a testimonial to Charles, who has been terrific, and a voice of reason throughout the process. Also, as I have just settled all the debt, I had the courage to check my credit score. It turns out that it is terrible, as expected, but in this whole process, it only dropped 43 points.

    My debt was so significant that I had a terrible FICO score (albeit no missed payments!), and I was worried about maintaining that terrible score!! I was never late but I was digging into a hole, and I had to keep digging, until I couldn’t anymore.

    My advice is to stop digging, face the music and come out the other side a more focused and free human being.

    Charles’ advice is spot on. Just follow the lessons and keep to the script.

    This isn’t a get-out-of-jail free card for people to be serial defaulters. It is for people who get themselves in over their head.

    In one relatively painless year (or about that) you can come out the other end with no debt.


  121. Charles and his Zipdebt program truly changed my life. I came very close to filing bankruptcy before I found his program. I was able to settle my debts for between 15-40% and it was surprisingly painless. I felt so empowered by turning the tables on the companies that were hounding me relentlessly. Not only did I eradicate my credit card debt completely, I was able to eliminate my second mortgage completely and to start saving a significant amount of money. I now have a secured card which I use very sparingly and pay in full each month, just to rebuild my credit. There are not enough words to thank Charles for what he has done for me and my family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Charles! You are a true gentleman.

  122. I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for the contribution Charles and the Debt Settlement Success Seminar made to improve and enhance my financial situation. My appreciation in the time you spent reviewing my personal financial crisis and a new perspective in finding a solution to this matter.

    A daily practice I did was to write & review everything on a weekly basis and reflect over them and take corrective action. The seminar provided the keys and strategies for overcoming the fear and indecisiveness we must encounter when we take things into our own hands.

    Therefore, I am really pleased with the step-by-step seminar coaching and will continue to practice the success principles and strategies acquired from your seminar. This is also a great listening tool.

    The completion of the debts I settled gave me time to reflect on the importance and value your knowledge has given me. I am deeply grateful and would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to you. Debt settled in 11 months.

  123. This is a follow up of my 10-12-2012 post. We obtained two secured loans from two different credit unions for $1,000 each. We also got two secured credit cards which we pay in full every month. After six months we started to receive credit card offers. We declined all but Home Depot which was $1,000 with no interest for six months. We called and said we were helping our son remodel his first house. They gave us a $5,000 limit. We also were approved for an American Express – Costco card. This surprised me as I researched the card on the internet and found it was an excellent card but difficult to get. We got it at a Costco customer service desk in about ten minutes. Our latest accomplishment is getting a car loan from Navy Federal Credit Union on a vehicle we already owned for six months after purchasing for cash. 125% loan for $32,500 at 1.79% for 60 months. We used the money to pay back my brother’s 10% loan which saves us over $400 a month.

  124. A little over a year ago I found myself weighing the possibility of bankruptcy with over $120K in credit card debt and payments of $2,500 each month from 12 credit cards. As a senior with mounting debt and a declining income, I could no longer rob Peter to pay Paul. I found Charles’ website and took advantage of his free consultation. I saw all the satisfied people commenting on their positive experiences with Charles and decided to purchase the one year program.

    At the time of my initial consultation I was 3 months behind on 12 cards, having stopped making payments on all my cards the same month. I did not have a large cashflow to put toward a settlement fund, however, combining some funds with the savings of not making $2,500 a month in payments gave me a start.

    The result of working with Charles I was able to settle 5 cards before charge off and 7 cards past charge off. Two cards did start legal action with a summons at the door. One of these cards agreed to settle at 40% before a court date. The other offered a 24 month no interest payment plan on a balance of $7,100. They did not want to settle and since this was my final card remaining I took the payment plan to avoid going to court.

    To sum up my debt settlement journey with Charles help of emails and coaching. I had settlements ranging from 20% to 50% averaging 30% overall. Settlements added up to 36K including the 7K payment plan or 30% on total debt of 120K. Interesting, I found the larger 15K to 20K cards from major creditors were more willing to settle for 20% than the smaller 4K to 8K cards which took a few more months at higher rates. Most creditors gave me 3 months to pay the agreed settlement amount, helping me manage my small settlement fund.

    I am so glad to start the new year getting this financial problem behind me and the day to day stress of juggling card payments is over. You may have limited funds to settle as I did, but multiply 12 months times your total monthly payments you are saving and putting toward settling rather than in more payments.

    Don’t procrastinate anymore. Call Charles and get started. Anyone can do this and it is the best option available.

    Thanks again Charles for your timely emails and coaching along the way to a successful outcome in a little over 12 months. Happy New Year!

  125. My $81,000 in unsecured credit cards and $54,000 business line of credit came up during couples counseling before I married in June of 2010. I had been robbing Peter to pay Paul during the Great Recession. Debt settlement was mentioned as a possibility by our church counselors.

    I found Zipdebt online and started the process of defaulting and settlement in 2011. I had to borrow some funds from my siblings and from my wife to make the first settlements for less than 30% before charge-off.

    My goal of becoming debt-free without filing bankruptcy kept me going in my small contracting business while I saw others biting the dust.

    I was able to stall a couple of banks on two $18,000 debts using the validation technique, but they eventually came back around — one with an instate lawyer. These older cards settled for 50% at the end of 2013 through their lawyers/collection agencies.

    Along the way I had defaulted on my $88,000 underwater second mortgage. After two “foreclosure” attempts and one summons on a breach of contract suit I was finally able to settle that mortgage with lots of help from Charles for $7,035.

    All in all Charles helped me settle $222,970 in debt including the second lien for $51,274–23%!

    We’re still married after all this, and still in the house, which has a workshop attached for my business.

    I recently bought health insurance since I had let it lapse during the settlement period.

    We are living modestly but I feel wealthy knowing that I can take a day off to spend with my family without worrying about how I am going to make my payments. Thanks for your patient and very informed coaching, Charles!

  126. In May 2011 my wife and I settled our accounts of $133k across 10 credit cards for 37% of the original balances using Charles’ program. Life got a lot better afterwards and we were able to move on from a difficult chapter. We also followed the credit recovery tips Charles provided. We didn’t have much success in getting derogatory marks removed (maybe one or two) but adding new positive credit history was enough to significantly improve our credit scores. My score at the moment is 684 and climbing, my wife and I have been able to get car loans and refinance our mortgage at good rates. If you look at a 18 month to 2 year window, credit recovery using Charles’ program is absolutely realistic. I would definitely recommend the program to someone struggling with debt.

    I settled $52,117 for $16,740 (32%). The original balances were approximately $46,000. There were 11 total accounts, with 8 different creditors. All of the accounts were credit cards, except 1 credit union “signature” unsecured loan (intended to be debt consolidation loan). One of my accounts was sold to a debt purchaser. Some of the accounts were in my name, some in my wife’s name; I was able to negotiate all the accounts once my wife gave authorization. My financial hardship was that I experienced loss of income through the recession, including pay cuts, reduced hours, and finally layoff. When I was employed again, I decided to try and tackle the debt problem from the previous damage. For settlement funds, I stopped $1,100/mo I was using toward debt payments, set that aside and supplemented with 401k withdraws. The settlements ranged from 25%-50% and were all completed within 1 year. I was not sued, and I never felt that a lawsuit was imminent.
    Top reasons to sign up with Charles:
    1. Savings – Charles was remarkably accurate in knowing what each creditor would settle for. If I was doing it on my own, I would have left alot on the table. Well worth the fee he charges.
    2. Peace of Mind – Charles has a couple of strategies that will save you alot of headaches when dealing with the debt collectors. By following his procedures you can deal with the collectors on your own terms, and it will be much less stressful.
    3. Confidence – Charles provides all the knowledge you need about the process so that you know what to expect. He also offers encouragement that instills confidence that you can win the debt settlement battle.
    4. Expertise – Charles will review all your documents, so you know that all of the settlements are proper and you won’t get double talked or swindled.
    5. Customer Service – Charles always responded promptly to any inquiries or document review.

    I enrolled in the 1 year program in 2/2013 and completed my last settlement 1/22/2014.
    Our family thanks you!

  128. So here you are in serious financial trouble and every debt relief website/program that you go to seems to present possibilities that could leave you even worse off than you are now. (Yes, after paying for two or more years in some other programs, you can lose all you’ve paid and be back to square one just by missing a payment.) But if your story is like mine or any other of the people who have added theirs here, you should stop right now and take a long sigh of relief.

    I know this sounds like an advertisement…..but wait. Before I wrote this I read the previous customer comments. When I read them before using ZipDebt I thought that what was claimed could not possibly be completely true (at least not without a lot of misery and the possible threat of lawsuits for not making payments, etc.) But upon reading the comments from the other side, having reduced $35,000 worth of credit card debt to $11,000, and having had the pleasure of working with Charles, I can readily see that not only is there no exaggeration, but why all of these people really want to share their experiences for others. I could relate to something in every person’s comment and had difficulty coming up with something new to say. I kept reading and saying …yes…yes…yes…. and if you want to end your debt headache, that’s what you should say to Charles and ZipDebt. Trust Charles, do exactly as he says, and get ready to help yourself out from under this burden. It’s not simple and requires effort on your part, but in a little over a year this could be gone. Charles’ knowledge, insight, and experience are exactly what you need to help you talk to the people you are going to deal with. You can always count on a swift response from Charles with the all-important knowledge of what you can expect in respone from creditors. I felt a tremendous advantage in knowing ahead of time what I was going to say in response to what I knew they (the creditors) were going to say. I can only add what all of the others have said………Thanks, Charles !!!

  129. In June of 2013 we were facing $143,000 in credit card debt on 8 different cards. Medical expenses, loss of income and sudden home foundation issues had pushed us over the cliff of solvency. Minimum payments were no longer even possible. We were in desperate financial shape; the dread I felt in my gut whenever I thought about what was happening to us was overwhelming.

    In the process of researching our options (bankruptcy, debt consolidation services etc…) we came across Charles Phelan’s website, ZipDebt. Honestly, it seemed too good to be true, but there it was, in black and white, a road map out of unending debt. The more we learned, the more I couldn’t wait to get started. Just listening to the Cds had a calming, grounding effect on me – it gave me hope. The short of it is, within one year of starting his program we were able to successfully settle $143,000.00 of debt for $42,000.00 – right around 30%. I’m still amazed.

    While it was a challenging year at times, ultimately I came away feeling incredibly empowered by the process. Every step of the way, via email or phone, Charles was there for me. There is great comfort knowing that the person guiding your journey to a debt-free future has successfully helped thousands of others do exactly the same.

    You can believe each of these testimonials.
    This is the real deal. You’ve come to the right place.
    We will always be grateful to Charles Phelan for his patience and expertise.

  130. Charles is amazing!
    I recommend using him if you want to save yourself lots of headaches and money.

  131. I wish I had known about Charles and Zipdebt much sooner, but in the end he really came through in helping me.
    About 3 years ago, I signed up with one of the well known Debt Consolidation/Cancellation firms, and they promised me the world, and I fell for it.
    I was not in great financial waters during/post recession, and I had accumulated over $80k in credit card debts trying to keep things a flot personally and for my business.
    I was paying over $1600 per month in finance fees and I would never be able to pay off this debt at that rate in my lifetime.
    I first called the banks, and all of them did not want to help, instead, they offered payment plans that would essentially keep me tied to them and in debt forever.
    I said enough was enough, and I ended up calling one of the Debt Consolidation firms who promise that they can take care of this debt and handle all of the communications with the banks
    in the course of 24-36 months. The idea is instead of paying the banks $1600/month in finance charges, you pay the Debt Company this amount into a special savings account, and they will start negotiating with the banks within 3-6 months.
    That is how it was sold to me.
    The truth be told, the Debt Consolidation company wanted me to deposit 12-24 months worth of funds before they would go to work on any of the debts, and in the meantime, I am passing the 6 month mark on not making any payments to the banks, and my credit is essentially ruined due to closed and non payment.
    Then they (Debt Consolidation company) offered to payoff all of my debts by negotiating with the banks to get a 20-25% discount, and I would pay the Debt consolidation company back the 75-80% of the debt owed plus 29% interest!!
    I told them to pound sand, and I started looking at alternatives, which I should have done early on.

    I found out about ZipDebt and Charles via one of the Cosumer Debt forums and Charles was highly recommended.
    At about this time, I was sent a letter from a law firm from one of the banks (approx. 1 year after I stopped paying), and they threatened to take me to court and get a judgement if I did not work out a settlement with them.
    Charles helped me immediately. He reviewed the letter, which was the first letter, and he coached me in the way to communicate and negotiate with the law firm.
    He also advised that I stop using the Debt Consolidation company, since the banks do not like this, and they will normally not want to negotiate with them, and instead threaten or even take me to court to see what they can get.

    I took Charles advice, and coaching, and within 20 days, I was able to negotiate the biggest debt I owed $53,000, down to a $20k settlement with the law firm representing the bank.

    I took the funds I had saved with the Debt Consolidation company to pay most of this off in one payment, plus funds I had saved myself and borrowed from family.

    On my second largest debt, I then took Charles advice about getting pro active to settle and payoff my remaining debt vs. ignoring it. The last thing anyone wants to have to go to court, hire an attorney, and fight the banks legally, unless you want to claim bankruptcy.

    I waited for about 6 months to save up some additional funds, and then I contacted the bank, which referred me to a collection agency representing them.

    Taking Charles advice, I told them about my situation, and that I could not pay the debt, but I would like to work out a settlement, and I offered just 10% of what I owed.
    The collection agency representative wanted a 50% settlement and would offer me 6 monthly payments.
    I explained that I could not afford this, and I could go into monthly payments, since I was struggling to make ends meet.

    Again, taking Charles advise, I did not agree to anything. I called the collection agency again, and for almost 2 weeks I did not get a call back.
    I finally called the agency and asked to speak to someone else who could assist me, and my file was transferred to another representative, and within a week, and with Charles input and coaching I was able to negotiate a $23k debt down to $6k. No Joke folks!

    Many of us have experienced some level of financial struggle and hardship. We are responsible for our debts, and if we cannot pay off the whole debt, it is better to work out a settlement with the bank and take care of it in a proactive manner vs. ignoring it and hoping it goes away (which it won’t).

    Charles is a fantastic coach, and after 2 phone conversations, going over the details, and about 10 emails he helped me settle my major debts in a span of 8 months!

    As of today, I am 99% credit card debt free, I am rebuilding my credit, and I am almost at the 700 score! I ended up getting rid of All of this in less than 1 year!

    Thank you Charles and ZipDebt!

  132. Charles offers a product with a lot of integrity, and it’s a reflection on his personal integrity and knowledge base. The amount of misinformation out there is stunning, and he has clarified not only the information, but the best practices to help folks get their lives back.

    I purchased the course many years ago after the crash, didn’t implement it, and fortunately didn’t have any credit card judgments. But there are still collection agencies and zombie debt companies still calling, which can be very unsettling. I’ve recently sent several emails to Charles asking for clarification. I wasn’t expecting a reply since my package had long since passed its shelf life.

    Not only did I receive the info, but received it quickly. You just can’t beat peace of mind.
    Thank you so much — you’re the best!

  133. I want to say THANK you to Charles for the great service that he provided. I had gotten myself in around $120,000.00 of credit card debt and was struggling to make payments. I had spoken to some other companies that claimed to help with this and they wanted me to make huge monthly payments to them to help me with this. My question was how am I supposed to make payments to them when I am struggling to make the payments anyway. Just didn’t make good sense to me and there was no guarantee that they could even help. I had already stopped paying on my cards prior to signing up with Charles and was trying to do this on my own with no success. After looking at his program I spoke with Charles and he explained his program and I chose to go the do it myself route with his guidance. He walked me through the process and explained how these companies negotiate and what percentages to aim for.He also pointed out the mistakes that I had made trying it on my own. He was always available and was fast to answer phone calls and emails. I ended up settling for 23 to 40 per cent on all of my cards. Roughly around $37,000.00. Averaged out to about 35% across the board. I could not have done this without Charles helping me. His fee is money well spent. I can now move on and enjoy the rest of my life. Again I want to Thank you for your guidance. I highly recommend this program to anyone with a mountain of credit card debt.

  134. Dear Charles,

    I can’t express our gratitude for helping us to get out of debt. We have been debt-free
    for almost 5 months, and it feels wonderful. I remember well listening the last chapters
    f your course for the first time and thinking about how nice it would be worrying about
    FICO score. Well, we have arrived to that point, and our score is respectable 670 now.
    As everything else, it worked exactly as you predicted. By the way, I filed my taxes a
    month ago, and your calculator was a really great help. Dealing with 16 (!) 1099-C
    forms would be really difficult without it.

    I recently went through my records and just realized how stressful all the negotiations
    were. Obviously, I would have never been able to do it without you. Honestly, I was
    fascinated by the whole concept where such a novice like myself was able to negotiate
    with all these collection sharks. I think it worked partly because of the way you
    masterfully built your course, but your personality was also a huge factor. All your
    communications, both by e-mail and phone, sent a calm, powerful message “Don’t worry,
    everything will be fine”.

    Well, it was really hard to believe that everything would be fine while we had more
    than $310k in debt. I remember my state of horror when we were $6000 short every month.
    There was no way of continuing like that, and you basically saved us from bankruptcy.
    It turned out that we could settle our debt at 19-50%, with an average of 31%. I still
    don’t get it how your advice was always accurate, not matter who I was dealing with.
    I do understand that you have a lot of experience, but it is still quite remarkable
    that you were right every time.

    The last point I would like to make is that what you doing is really noble. I think you
    know it, but it is important that you hear it often from other people. You have found a
    great way to help people.

    Thank you again for everything.

  135. I am writing to express a tremendous amount of gratitude to Charles Phelan for the support and excellent assistance I received from him through his Tailored Debt Settlement Program. Sadly, due to a series of unfortunate life circumstances I was over $30,000 in credit card debt and unable to sustain the monthly payments, particularly in addition to my low salary, cost of living expenses and student loan payments. I did not see any way out of my situation other than bankruptcy, until I found Charles and his Tailored Debt Settlement Program.

    Charles has been a true lifesaver to me! He has been kind, patient, thorough, reassuring, encouraging, organized, and detail-oriented throughout the entire process of settling my four credit card debts. He provided a clear overview of his program, answered all of my questions, and responded promptly to all of my inquiries throughout our work together. You could not ask for better communication skills! I was most appreciative of how patient he was with me during these stressful and anxious times. Additionally, he was flexible and willing to work with me in regards to my schedule, for which I was also grateful. I never thought I would see an end to my credit card debt or the persistent phone calls, but thankfully with Charles’ help I have closed that chapter of my life. To all those considering ZipDebt, I highly recommend the Tailored Debt Settlement Program.

  136. My partner and I had attempted settling a debt with a difficult creditor- American Express- several times on our own. It was a daunting undertaking to attempt negotiating with them armed with only a cursory understanding (at best) of what rights and leverage we might have in communicating with them. We’d made some progress with them but before we settled for only a modest reduction in principle owed, we enlisted the help of Charles. We’re so glad we did! He brought knowledge and persistence to bear on our situation and achieved a settlement for us that was 130% better than we’d have realized doing it ourselves. Throughout the process Charles was very informative and saw the process through to its conclusion. We can’t recommend him highly enough.

    • Words are inadequate to express my gratitude to Charles for his coaching and support through the recent experience of dealing with a load of mortgage debt. Thanks to him, I was able to negotiate a settlement of a $100,000 HELOC for less than ten cents on the dollar. Charles also coached me through a successful loan modification from our collector that knocked $650 off our monthly payments. Our house is still underwater but at least we now have a manageable monthly payment. I had tried to settle both debts on my own without success before turning to ZipDebt, and I am really glad I did. Charles is honest, patient and sympathetic and frankly he’s a hero to me and my wife. I recommend his program without reservation to anyone mired in debt as we were.

  137. I just got off a consultation with Charles and WOW!! Charles has an absolutely amazing depth of knowledge and
    was more than generous with his time during our consultation. From the first moment he started talking, I could already tell
    that Charles is a true expert and a master of his craft.

    Throughout the entire consultation, he told me exactly what to expect, and he gave me several specific, actionable steps to
    start handling my delinquent accounts TODAY!

    Our conversation was filled with in-depth and detailed tidbits about exactly what to expect from each account
    and the “behind-the-scenes” information that I need to understand before negotiating with creditors. Talking with him
    was a truly eye-opening conversation, and if you have questions on how the settlement/negotiation process works,
    I’would wholeheartedly recommend talking with him immediately.

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